Doe Deere: Article Recap

Following your heart is good advice, and that’s just what Doe Deere has done in creating her makeup company, Lime Crime. Doe is a self-described entrepreneur with imagination, ambition, and big dreams who has turned those dreams and brand of expression into a successful business.

Doe was born in Russia and spent her early years there. In her early days, she got her first taste of the business world. At age 13, she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. Doe made the fad popular and the business profitable by wearing the tattoos and proving that it was the cool thing to do.

At age 17, Doe moved to the U.S. and settled first in New York living for awhile in Manhattan, but then spending nine years in Brooklyn. She began her life in New York as a musician. It was there that she met her husband who also happened to be a fellow band member and songwriter. Her years as a musician taught her some things about having and marketing a career. The discipline of promoting their band lighted a spark in Doe that set her on her next career path.

Doe is an imaginative soul with big dreams of expressing and living true to herself. She is a woman in tune with her own identity and believes in the importance of self-expression. Her advice to herself and to others is to know the things that you love to do, understand your skills and abilities, and then you will blossom.

Drawn to bright and unconventional colors, Doe took on the norms of the cosmetic industry. She rebelled against the trend of makeup that promoted a natural look and began to create her on palate of makeup colors. Doe realized that there were others who felt the same way as she did – others who were drawn to lively, vibrant colors.

In 2008 Doe took the premise that makeup gives the freedom of expression and combined that with a collection of vibrant-colored makeup products and Lime Crime was born. Doe became the companies founder, CEO, and owner. This imaginative entrepreneur calls herself the Unicorn Queen and has made a successful business revolutionizing makeup. Lime Crime has become a trend-setting company with its internet presence and high standards of performance and quality. It has shaken up the makeup world and established a brand for those who want a different self-expression.

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Work As Much Or As Little As You Like With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is attracting the attention of entrepreneurs and wine lovers from across the U.S. as this direct sales business offers great opportunities for developing an independent income at any level to suit the needs of an individual. The number of people signing up to become a Wine Guide is growing as the ease with which a new business can be started with little cost is making waves across the U.S. There are many reasons why the Traveling Vineyard has proven so successful in recent years, not least because of the growing trend for wine to be consumed at such a high level that prices are forecast to rise with demand in the coming decades.

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Now the fact wine consumption has been rising has been established the chances of making a positive impact on life can be explored with the aid of The Traveling Vineyard. A Wine Guide has few overheads and is even provided with all the equipment needed to learn as much as possible about the wines they are selling and host their first tasting parties; tasting parties are held in the homes of clients with the Wine Guide bringing glasses, accompanying foods, and the wines needed for each and every person to try the available wines before making their decision on which favorite wines to purchase.

Wines are delivered directly and the Wine Guide has the chance to earn commission based on the sales they achieve, which can add up to a large amount of income over the course of a year. The no pressure approach of The Traveling Vineyard has proven a success as Guide’s can use their role as a full time position or to simply add a little extra money to their bank account when needed. The benefits of working with The Traveling Vineyard include hands on training, no stock purchases, and no monthly minimums to be met in what has become one of the most flexible roles in the direct sales industry.

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Finding an Attorney Just Got Easier

At some point in your lifetime, you will need an attorney. Attorneys are often sought after during a high stress situation. Possible issues that require the service of an attorney is child custody issues, criminal matters, drawing up a will, landlord issues, and other legal matters.


New York has a simple, less stressful method in finding an attorney to fit your needs. It is a service called LRIS or Lawyer Referral and Information Service. This is a confidential service that is accessible 24 hours a day. To access this service you can go online or you can call. Individuals are placed with attorneys that have been reviewed by New York’s State Bar Association. This ensures that the attorney in question has credentials that are in good standing.


The online service, which is a new feature that was added, works by an individual going to the site and filling out a confidential survey that ask for insight about their current legal issue. The State Bar Association then reviews the survey and pars the individual with an attorney close by. The referrals are free but if the individual speaks with an attorney, they are charged a fee of $35 for a 30 minute consultation. Depending on the claim, there are exceptions made in cases like personal injury or social security. The consultation doesn’t legally bind the individual to the attorney. But if the individual decides to hire the attorney then additional fees will incur and be set up between the attorney and the individual.


Jeremy L. Goldstein is active in numerous transactions in the corporate world in the past 10 years. Some of the corporate companies that he’s involved in are as follows: Duke Energy/Process Energy, Bank of America Corporation, AT&T Corporation, and countless others. Before he partnered with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, he was partnered with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.


Jeremy L. Goldstein gives lectures on issues pertaining to the corporate world and compensation issues that corporations encounter. He was featured in the Chambers USA Guide and The Legal 500 as the prime executive compensation attorney.


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Securus Technologies – Ensuring Inmates Can Stay In Contact With Their Families

Securus Technologies for years is a name synonymous to the advancing technologies in the field of correctional space. The company that was incorporated in the year 2014 is now a market leader in criminal justice and prison telecommunication field. Over the years the company has helped transform the correctional space and make it more modernized than it was a few years back. Apart from innovating and developing the correctional space, it also focuses on committing to excellence in customer service.


In recognition for its exceptional customer service, it also received the Gold Stevie Awards recently, beating over 2,300 other competitors from across the globe. The fact that Securus Technologies won the award the first time it participated reflects on the quality of services and high standards it maintains in its business operations. Securus Technologies continues to acquire other leading firms in the correctional space, such as Satellite Tracking of People LLC and Archonix Systems LLC to achieve an edge over its competitors and dominate the sphere of technology in the correctional field. Over, 3450 law enforcement agencies use the services of Securus Technologies, and the company has served millions of customers over the years.


In a press release published online recently, the company showcased what many of the law enforcement officials feel about the services offered by the enterprise. Securus Technologies also offered an open invitation to the investors and customers, both existing and potential, to visit and check out the highly advanced technology center located in Dallas, Texas.


Securus Technologies is one of the biggest inmate communications companies in the United States currently. I use its services often to call my family from prison. It is a cost-effective service and allows me to stay in touch with my loved ones, and the new video visitation service also offers to make video calls, which is simply unreal.

Arthur Becker’s – How He Built His Commendable Legacy

Arthur Becker is a business mogul was born in 1950 in Brooklyn and has lived and worked in New York. He studied in Fine Arts, majoring in ceramics and photography at Bennington College in 1969 and later at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. His enthusiasm in housing propelled him to venture into the million dollar industry in real estate and Biotech ventures.

For 8 years beginning 2002, Arthur Becker worked as the Chief Executive officer in Navisite Inc. before resigning although up to date he still holds a board member position in the organization. Since then he has been working in real estate and technology industries in more than one organization concurrently. At Madison Technology Group LLC, he is the managing director since January 2001, at Atlantic Investors, LLC at 15 years now he has been the managing member since 2002, while at Zinio LLC he is both the president and chief executive officer since 2012 to date.

Most importantly he has been the supporting force as a Senior Advisor of Vera Wang fashion company, a company owned and operated by his wife for 7 years, more details can be found on NY Daily News. All through the organizations he has been attached to, profits have shot to the roof, been very opportunistic on new ventures and rapid grow of the sector.

Some very important skills that has made Arthur Becker very successful in his career and sole ventures in real estate is ability to manage startups, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, investment and real estate as a whole. Arthur is good in strategic planning, corporate development, marketing strategies, entrepreneurship and business development.

Although Arthur Becker has a very successful career in real estate investment, he has advanced the same in his own personal line of business. He has sole projects he has heavily invested at Tribeca, Redhook, Third Avenue, and Chelsea Tower. The most outstanding, modern and magnificent project is one three adjacent townhouses on 6th Avenue on Sullivan street and 57TH street at Steinway, the New York’s Tallest building. Other than this, Arthur Becker has also partnered and invested in other institutions such as JDS Development Group, Property Market Group and AmBase Corp.

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WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Hair Conditioner

Most people have encountered WEN by Chaz Dean Hair care line infomercials on QVC. In most cases, the infomercials comprise of beautiful women giving an account of how magical the cleansing conditioner has worked for them. For those who have not tried WEN Hair, the cleansing conditioner is an all-inclusive conditioner, styling treatment and shampoo.

The products work well for all types of hair; depending on the kind of design chosen. The products also give a high shine, bounce, and moisture. Some cleansing products often leave harmful side effects, and most customers are put off by new products as they are not willing to take the risk. However, people who love beauty products agree that; trying new chances is always the better option.

A good time to try out the WEN Cleansing Conditioner would be during the shower after a long day’s work. Especially after long traveling days, the hair is often left greasy, unruly and fuzzy; due to automobile, plane or train’s smoke.

Every product has its back label indicating just how much of the product can be used. After getting ready for the shower, users need to pump just the correct amount of the product onto the hand and spread the gel across the hair evenly. It is also recommended to massage the conditioner into the scalp and let the product soak in for some time and then rinse.

After rubbing the product, users have the feeling of almost thicker hair. Most people with long hair notice that, after shower periods, there are strands of hair left on the floor. With WEN, such people do not have to worry anymore. While it might sound unreal, in actual sense, after applying the product, there is or no hair breakage and the scalp feels a little bit thick.

After the shower, it is recommended to blow out the hair to achieve better outcomes. WEN by Chaz Dean Hair care products leave the hair cleaner, shiny, and every customer ever tries the brands is always left happy.

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Innovation and Creativity at its Best: The Story of Lori Senecal

The advertising and marketing industries are some of the fastest changing industries in the world. Not only do the companies that work with their clients have to adapt to changes in their own industry, but they also have to adapt their marketing styles with their client’s industry as well. This double-edged sword can be difficult for many marketing executives to navigate. For Lori Senecal, however, this is just another day on the job.

Lori Senecal was born in a rural town in Canada as the fourth daughter of a shopkeeper and schoolteacher. She had to learn how to be creative and innovative to get the attention of her parents growing up, since she was the youngest of three siblings. After getting her degree in commerce, marketing, and finance from McGill University, she quickly found that her humble and difficult childhood provided her with the foundation that she would need to be a successful advertising executive.

After her first couple jobs, Lori was on the fast track to the executive positions at advertising agencies. She rose up through the ranks of McCann Worldgroup, a global advertising firm, to the Global Chief Innovation Officer position in 2006, becoming the President of McCann Worldgroup’s flagship New York office shortly after. She was soon sought out by Kirshenbaum, Bond, and Partners in 2009 for their President and CEO role. She served for several years at KBS (then added Senecal to the company’s name). Reference: salary.

During her time at KBS, Senecal won several awards for her innovative and creative spirit in the advertising industry. She was awarded by the Advertising Women of New York with a Game Changer Award for her leadership skills. She was also given a Jury Chair for the Isaac Awards, a contest that honors invention and innovation. She was even appointed to the Board of MDC Partners, a large, global advertising conglomerate and holding company, in 2014. During this time she was also recognized twice as being an “Advertising Executive to Watch” by Advertising Age.

All of these events led up to her recent appointment as the Global CEO of the Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky Advertising Agency in 2016. She has already made a difference in this role by leading CP+B to being named one of Advertising Age’s creative innovators of the year. Source: forbes.

The marketing and advertising world changes very quickly, and to be successful you have to be ahead of the curve. Thanks to her vast experience and turbulent childhood, Lori Senecal is one of the best innovators and leaders in the industry.

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Sam Tabar: The Financial and Legal Expert From New York

Sam Tabar is an accomplished attorney, financial executive, and investor based in New York City. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence from the University of Oxford in 2000. He joined Columbia Law School immediately where he pursued his Master’s in Law.

Tabar commenced his career at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP as an attorney in May 2001. His responsibilities included providing legal advice on hedge fund formation, management, and employment contracts. He worked for the firm for close to six years before moving to Sparx Group to become its managing director.

His work entailed drafting performance reports, answering client queries, and managing the firm’s funds. His accomplishments at Sparx range from raising half a billion dollars for its credit and equity products to starting and overseeing marketing roadshows across Europe and Asia.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar joined Merrill Lynch as its head of capital strategy in Asia after four years at the Sparx Group. He was tasked with overseeing the capital raising process and introducing the hedge fund’s clients to investors such as foundations and pensions. His role positioned him as the link between the investors and fund managers. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He is credited for building diverse teams and growing the number of institutional investors to more than 1200. Tabar also organized conferences and events where investors and clients could network.

His team was ranked first in the Capital Introductions category in the global custodian survey during his time at Merrill Lynch. Tabar returned to the legal industry when he was hired as a senior associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel.

Tabar was appointed the chief operating officer of FullCycle Energy Fund in December 2015. He is in charge of overseeing the fund management strategy of the company. He is also an investor and was the first investor of SheThinx and Tribute.

Sam Tabar is active on Instagram and Facebook. He posts photos and videos to his account regularly. His Instagram profile is filled with funny and artistic photos which he took by himself. Tabar’s posts on Twitter are inspirational, educational, and entertaining.

Read more about Sam: Sam Tabar: A Great Mind For Investments

David Giertz on the Need to Speak to Clients about Social Security

With over 30 years experience in the financial sector, David L. Giertz recently completed a new video where he urges his colleagues to properly inform their clients about the potential social security pitfalls they might encounter if they are not careful.

David Giertz said that many individuals nearing retirement and those already in retirement have a number of misconceptions about Social Security that could be downright damaging to them and lead to a huge loss in retirement income. Indeed, the days of having pensions and healthy 401 K’s are becoming rarer and rarer, so David Giertz is providing a valuable public service by offering seniors and older workers the needed tips in order to maximize their social security benefits.

Giertz cited a study by Nationwide Retirement Institute that showed 30 percent of retirees are receiving a benefit that is less than they expected. The survey on discovered that those close to retirement by and large did not understand the process.

Of course, it really is no wonder that so many people do not understand the process. Financial planners on Vimeo have to undergo years of training in order to understand the Social Security Handbook, simply because of the fact that it contains over 2,700 different rules. However, there are a lot of people who realize the need for a solid strategy for Social Security, as four our of five surveyed said they would consider changing advisers if they did not strategize with them about Social Security.

By and large future retirees must plan for income, and that begins with an understanding of Social Security at Giertz said that planning for Social Security benefits should amount to at least 40 percent of all retirement income that seniors and other retirees can expect.

There is no question that Giertz’s track record with helping seniors is impressive. Not only has he pass four important examinations, but he has also served as President of Nationwide Financial Distributors since 2013.

Giertz is also registered with the highly selective FINRA as a broker, so if you are looking to maximize your retirement income, he is definitely the one to talk to.

Traveling Vineyard, The Future Of Wine Tasting

A work at home opportunity that involves wine? That may sound too good to be true, but this dream is a reality!

Traveling Vineyard provides a very unique business opportunity. Becoming a wine guide might seem like a daunting task, but with Traveling Vineyard the process is painless, and even fun. They teach you everything you need to know, from wine varieties (there’s more than you might think!) to proper pairings, and even include marketing materials in your starter kit.

Wine Guides with Traveling Vineyard are tasked with scheduling wine tastings with clients, and sell them wine. Dinner parties with your friends are now a lucrative business opportunity. Guides are also treated to a nice compensation, and receive a discount on their own wine purchases, and those sales even count in your monthly sales total count. Guides love their jobs with the company, and even often describing it as more of a family than a company.

Traveling Vineyard has been around since 2001, and there are over a thousand wine guides putting on tastings around the country now. They offer a variety of wines under the categories of Red, White, and Sweet & Fizzy, and other products like wine glasses, decanters, and chillers.

From the early days in 2001 Traveling Vineyard has aimed to make wine tastings a more personal experience that you can share with friends and family right out of your living room, and they are succeeding in reshaping the way we view wine tasting today. Add to that the wonderful opportunity provided to those seeking work at home positions for something they love, that they can do in their spare time with people they love, and it’s clear that the future of wine tasting is already here.