Ted Bauman, is a qualified economist in the United States. He has vast knowledge in matters concerning economist, because of this reason he was employed in Banyan Hill in the year 2013. After completing his career in the United States, he went to South Africa during the mid-1980.In South Africa, Ted Bauman contributed in the formulating and implementing of the post-apartheid rule. He worked as a consultant between 1990 and 2000. Ted Bauman, worked as a supervisor for 25 years in South Africa. He offered great help in the United Nations and between European and African government. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

Ted Bauman, has visited many countries in the world, this has helped him to understand how economic and political effects the society. He has published commentary and research in various international journals, for instance, the journal of small enterprise and microfinance.

When Ted Bauman returned to the United States, he started working in a big nonprofit organization as a supervisor for the internationMal programs that is located in Atlanta. Later he joined Banyan Hill Publishing Company as an editor.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a publisher that offers individual investing strategies. They have a large number of daily readers who rely on them to identify the best opportunities to invest in. Mainly, this websites targets on providing the investments tips and strategies to the customers. Banyan Hill was started in 1998. The name was derived from banyan tree; this is the world biggest tree when compared with canopy size. Banyan trees are unique because they can support themselves because of the existence of trunks

In 2016, Banyan Hill publishing was renamed as Banyan Hill publishing to specialize in offering advice to the company experts in protecting assets and entrepreneurship. These experts help American citizens to make appropriate financial decisions that will enable them to increase their wealth without big loses. Banyan Hills expert have a good background in managing the business, technical analysis, and financial planning.

Banyan Hill Publishing gives better strategies for increasing and securing personal wealth. They have experts who have enough experience in growing and protecting their wealth. Therefore online investors can adapt the same strategy these experts have used to grow their wealth too. Many of the Banyan Hills experts have worked in various fields like advising major of the world leaders, helping people to gain their financial positions and managing most of the world most prominent financial institutions. This knowledge helps them to offer services that help individuals to achieve top success in financial management. Visit:


Jeff Yastine Provides Guidance on Investment Opportunities with Minimum Risks

Jeff Yastine is one of the most reputed financial experts in the United States today with over two decades of experience in the financial sector. The insight provided by Jeff Yastine through his interviews and articles are followed by hundreds and thousands of people across the country who are keen investors. Jeff Yastine has previously worked as a financial correspondent as well as an anchor with PBS in the past. It is his post as an anchor and financial correspondent that helped him meet some of the top financial experts from the financial industry, which further helped him gain the knowledge and the exposure about how the financial industry works. Visit the website to learn more.

Jeff Yastine has also been nominated in 2007 for Business Emmy Award for his cover story on how America’s infrastructure system is underfunded and broken and needs immediate attention from the authorities. Having years of experience in the financial industry, he currently serves as the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing and is also the editor of the firm’s newsletter named Total Wealth Insider. In these newsletters of Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine basically helps the people identify the stocks that are underperforming at the moment or are priced low but are primed for growth in the near future. Many of the readers of Banyan Hill Publishing have been leaving Jeff Yastine great reviews on how he helped them earn generously from the stock market investments. He offers the best investment opportunities to its readers for many years now.

Among the many industries, Jeff Yastine believes that there are two of them that have a huge potential and people have not yet realized them. One of them is cybersecurity, and another is the solar panel market. Companies in both these markets have been growing steadily, and their stock prices are expected to rise further as the demand for their goods and services grow. Jeff Yastine says that the people who are interested in making a sound investment in the stock market should keep a watch on the trending stocks, and ensure that they have the cash ready to enter the market when the time is right. There are many stocks that are not well thought of by the investors, but actually, have a lot of potentials. Jeff believes that with the help of proper guidance, people would be able to make wise investment choices that would help them enjoy a secured financial future. Check:




An Alternative to Solo Learning as Provided By Matt Badiali

Given that the internet is full of people calling out scams, some people who get started with investing decide that they want to learn everything they can on their own. One of the reasons behind this is that the scams that offer information often charge money for it. A lot of beginning investors feel that they do not have enough money to give away. Therefore, they do everything they can to make sure that they are saving money. However, when they invest without knowledge, the inevitable truth is that they lose a ton of money because they don’t know where to start. Visit to know more.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to learning in the form of Banyan Hill. This source contains information from experts like Matt Badiali. One of the reasons that experts such as Matt Badiali can be trusted is that they provide honest information based on their experiences. Other experts in Banyan Hill come from experiences which include looking at many different techniques and discovering that they don’t work. One thing that they recommend is looking at free sources of information when it comes to investing. There are many people that are willing to share their insights and experiences in the markets.

One of the pieces of information that is very helpful comes from Matt Badiali. He is not only very experienced with investing but is also knowledgeable about the economic cycle. Therefore, Matt Badiali is able to let people know what to expect in the different stages of the economy. He is also able to help people look for signs of economic change that is going to have a huge effect on the market. This can give people enough information on whether or not they should invest at this particular time. One thing that can be said about many investment experts is that they do not always invest. Read more:


Flavio Maluf and The Propitious Merger Between Eucatex and Duretex

It is said that we often want the subject of our love to exist as a ghost. This is why we have dreamers. This is why we have romantics. This is why we have entrepreneurs who chase the almost impossible. This is why the world has a surfeit of innovation and wild ambitions that wish to reach the top. One of these highly motivated people today who seem to have the skills and talents to lead the competition in the field of business is Flavio Maluf. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

The Explanation of Eucatex and Duratex Merge

There are many ways to understand what is inside the mind of Flavio Maluf today. One of the latest ways today is by reading an article found at In it, Mr. Maluf explains how the business between Eucatex and Duretex has evolved and how it is right now one of the most successful mergers in the industry. Mr. Maluf explains that because of the R $ 60 million merger, there is now an increased strength on the part of Duratex to be able to manage another farm that can produce raw material for its several other projects.

We should also include in this statement that Maluf believes that this new merger can generate more employees and help more families get the resources they need to sustain their lifestyle. There is right now an estimated 200 thousand m3 per year production rate for such merger.

About Flavio Maluf

Mr.Flavio  Maluf has been one of the most outstanding CEOs of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio since April 29, 2005. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers that had served the Eucatex brand. He also served Sistema S.A. Corretora de Titulos e Valores and Citibank N.A., in New York.

We should also include here some of his specialties and expertise, including Foreign Exchange Principles and Foreign Trade Principles. With such training he is able to lead the company he is in right now to the best of its limits. It might also be essential to say here that he went to Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado, which gave him the formal training. Visit:



Brazil’s PPP Plan According to Felipe Montoro Jens

Brazil has the 7th largest economy in world, and the largest in Latin America. Brazil’s economic situation has been in somewhat of slump in recent years and is starting to show signs of a turnaround. Felipe Montoro Jens, is a specialist in infrastructure and understands how effective implementation of projects focused on infrastructure can help the economic situation.

In December 2004, the Brazilian federal government passed the public private partnership law. The law details the rules, regulations and guidelines on how to lawfully implement effective public private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens, reported there has been a surge in public private partnerships over the last 10 years, in large part due to the December 2004 law. It’s important to point out, said MR. Felipe Montoro Jens, there is still a need for many more effective public private partnerships to help the economy continue moving in a positive direction. Visit to learn more

The Government of Brazil created the Program of Partnerships and Investment (PPI) to create relationships between the public and private sectors to build more public private partnerships. The Program of Partnerships and Investment is currently managing a R $ 44 billion investment funding used to implement public private partnerships to upgrade many infrastructure oriented projects in the country, this according to Felipe Montoro Jens. The R $ 44 billion will include highway construction projects, airport facility management, and private takeover of a few government businesses.

Felipe Montoro Jens points to Belo Horizonte’s public lighting public private partnership as an example of highly successful PPP. The capitol of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte’s public lighting PPP is scheduled through the year 2020, and projects the upgrade of 182,000 lights from luminary lights to LED lights. Felipe Montoro Jens reported the Belo Horizonte lighting project is the largest implementation of public private partnership in history of the country. Felipe Montoro Jens reported the success of the Belo Horizonte project has inspired many Brazilian cities, including Sao Paulo to follow their lead.

Learn more:


Paul Mampilly weighs in on Cryptocurrency

The end of the cryptocurrency business is in sight according to Paul Mampily a former hedgefund manager. He hasn’t figured out when this will take place but is quite confident that it won’t be long before investors begin counting their losses.

Paul Mampilly is of the opinion that the bitcoin business is borrowing leaf from the 1999 explosion where technology stocks kept rising. Two years later when the stock prices nosedived, a lot of investors including Paul’s friends had to deal wih great losses. He had warned them back then but none paid any attention. Follow Paul on Twitter.

Anyone who cared to buy ethereum, bitcoin or any other major cryptocurrency at the start of the year is reaping big. With the value of bitcoin now at $19000, the business is booming. Paul Mampily believes that this will not last for long.

The cryptocurrencies are not managed by any central authority. This has allowed its value to grow exponentially. Opinion on the growth of cryptocurrencies has been divided for quite sometime now. The tech savvy guys think that it will be the currency of the future while skeptics feel that its bubble will burst.

Paul Mampilly warns that the writing is on the wall and that investors need to rein on their excitment before they lose what they worked so hard to acquire. Most of the individuals who missed out on the opportunity to invest in bitcoin when the prices were low have no place to hide their faces with many success stories making rounds in the internet. This may change if Paul’s predictions come to pass. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill

The overwhelming interest expressed by popular culture to cryptocurrency should be a red flag to any cautious investor as far as Paul Mampilly is concerned. Soon the intense growth of the cryptocurrencies will not be sustained. Seasoned investors are known to adequately analyse a prospective opportunity before commiting their resources to it. While conducting his research on bitcoin, Mampilly could not place a definitive value to it.

Most cryptocurrency investors have become emotionally attached to their investment as a result of the public craze. What they don’t know is that when things go south they will probably look back in regret and wish that they could have made the right choice.

Inspite of his view of the whole business, Mampily is a huge admirer of the blockchain technology that is used to manage cryptocurrencies. He also believes that all may not be lost for investors in case of a bubble burst. The blockchain technology may be employed in other sectors like real estate and improve the efficiency of transactions. Visit:



Ian King is a trader of cryptocurrency and a former manager of the hedge fund. He has more than twenty years’ experience of analyzing and trading the financial markets. His insights in the crypto-market have severally featured in the media including Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, Zero Hedge and the Business News of Fox. He is the senior analyst of publishing at Banyan Hill. He created his first kind of multimedia product of crypto investing for Investopedia Academy. Read more at Talk Markets.

He began his career in the department of bond trading of the famed mortgage at Salomon Brothers, as a desk-clerk. He then moved to Citigroup to the department of credit derivatives. After Citigroup, he worked at Peahi Capital a hedge fund based in NY for ten years, as the head trader of trading options. Here, his team managed a total return of 339% in a single year, 2008. These numerous positions made him realize his desire of seeing investors succeed making millions, at times on individual trades. He eventually decided to leave Wall Street after exhausting himself making people more prosperous.

He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 and has helped their readers understand better the growing crypto market. He edits the popular Trader Service of Crypto Profit, an advisory of investment that highlights crypto trends that are winning with a unique strategy of three-part trading. He also contributes to the weekly publication of Banyan Hill, Sovereign Investor Daily to keep its readers up to speed on developments of crypto trading. He is currently working to launch a course of trading crypto later this year, 2018. Read more articles by Ian King Banyan at Investopedia.

Ian King recently discussed cryptocorns in an article by Banyan Hill Publishing. Cryptocorn is a new crypto unicorn that is just beginning. He explained that investors who are not traditional were hugely investing in blockchain technology. The most popular cryptocurrency today is bitcoin and applies blockchain technology. Another kind of cryptocurrency is Ethereum that is also fast gaining popularity.

Ian King explained that there are over 40 projects of blockchain with a combined total value of about $1 billion. However, few companies are using the blockchain technology despite its high demand hence an emergent need for mania for finance. Visit:


Igor Cornelsen is a Leading Brazilian Investment Banker

As a talented banker and shrewd investor, Igor Cornelsen’s contributions to the investment-banking sector are priceless. He is currently helping the Bainbridge Group in the stock market, commodity, and foreign exchange investments. Cornelsen began his investment-banking career in Brazil. His efforts enabled him to be promoted to different executive positions. Throughout his career, Cornelsen worked with large Brazilian banks that control a large percentage of the Brazilian gross economy. Read more at Reporter Expert for more info.

Personal Life

Cornelsen resides in South Florida and enjoys playing golf. He chose this city because of its tranquility and golf courses after he retired from banking. Cornelsen believes that learning is a continuous process and, thus, he revisits investment banking to keep up with the emerging trends.

Cornelsen’s Investment Banking Advice

According to Igor Cornelsen, the best way to succeed in foreign exchange and commodity investments is by working with a reputable investment company. Cornelsen learned this tip when he was a banker. He has also used the knowledge to advance Bainbridge’s foreign exchange and commodity investment strategies. As he worked in the Brazilian investment-banking sector, Cornelsen was instrumental in managing top ranked banks in the world.

Besides being a banker, Cornelsen is also a consultant. His consultancy services dwell on how people can make long-term and intelligent investments. He also offers this service based on the volatility of the modern stock market. He usually emphasizes on the Brazilian market when investing and conducting businesses. According to him, Brazil ranks at number five among the largest economies in the world. Cornelsen also believes that most investors overlook Brazil’s economy and end up failing in their investments.

Cornelsen’s Blog

Igor Cornelsen is an active blogger who uses his WordPress blog to emancipate people on effective investment strategies. Cornelsen attributes his career success to his time management skills. He encourages his readers to follow the investing tips he usually posts. The tips are drawn from his professional experience as an investment banker. Cornelsen also urges his readers who are new in the investment-banking sector to forge long-term relationships with veterans. He believes that productivity in investing relies on how often investors exchange ideas among themselves and learn from their achievements as well as mistakes. Visit:


Kevin Seawright’s Company, RPS Solutions And The Christ Haven Pentecostal Church Team UP For A Christmas Toy Drive In Philadelphia

The residents of Philadelphia got an early Christmas treat from RPS Solutions and the Christ Haven Pentecostal church. Kevin Seawright is the founder and CEO of RPS Solution which specializes in real estate development. The local church and the real estate company teamed up in a Christmas and New Year luncheon and a toy drive for kids in Philadelphia.

Kids having fun

This luncheon was able to attract more than 200 children from Philadelphia who received a wide range of toys. The kids ranged, from two-year-olds to teenagers who received different toys that were meant to brighten their festive season. The Christmas toy drive was able to avail gifts in the form of toys to hundreds of kids who hailed from low-income families that could not afford such a luxury even during this festive season. The main aim of the luncheon was to bring city residents together to enjoy a unique afternoon full of fun activities and special food. The idea of the event was to create a sense of togetherness and brotherhood within the society. The children too gained from the event as they got a chance to play, socialize and make new friends from around their neighborhoods. Visit for more info.

Welcoming the New Year

The luncheon was a great chance for the adults who graced the occasion to see the end of the year and welcome a new one in style. There was a wide range of menus for the guests, from local foods to international cuisines. The day was characterized by numerous messages of how the residents of Philadelphia could ensure closeness and live in harmony as they prepared to usher in 2018. Close-knit community was also emphasized by all the guests who got a chance to speak. The luncheon provided a chance for city residents to have the brotherly love that Philadelphia has been known for restored. It was however evident that the concern and love for each other could be re-ignited with hundreds of city residents gracing the occasion.

Kevin Seawright and his company’s reputation

Kevin Seawright is a professional in the fields of project management and accounting. He is currently based in Newark, New Jersey. RPS Solutions has organized such events for underprivileged communities before and has always led by example. Kevin Seawright had previously worked in other sectors such as education, local government and the development of real estate in Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland before he finally relocated to New Jersey. Visit:


Matt Badiali freedom checks.

Matt Badiali is a very successful man who strives to make everything easier.

You might be asking yourself what his freedom checks are and I am about to tell you. He discovered his freedom checks by accident when he was working an a famous expert in financials. This project he was working when he discovered him was something that was going to take him across the country. These freedom checks are completely legit and are being used for those who need to have more income. Unlike social Security these checks pay as much as twice the amount which make the checks look even more desirable when outside people are looking into them. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

He concluded that 568 companies were using these checks when he found them and that was just the start. With him using these checks the amount of companies using them were going to get even bigger and he was going to become even more successful for the future to come. Not only was this a huge find for him but so were the major investors that were interested in the freedom checks as well. These freedom checks are considered an investment because they companies that are using them are becoming more rich. Therefor the companies are keeping these checks around. Matt really doesn’t have a way he recommends these checks it’s solely based on the way his clients work and how much money they should be having on these checks. This makes him look amazing to the peoples eyes. Check:

These companies that use these checks are ones that deal with production, and oil which is another huge industry in the county right now. The 586 companies were the ones who were also in the MLPs which was the people matt worked for and beside. Overall these checks have been cashed and have been proven to work by the people who have cased them in. Read this article at Money Morning.