Securus Technologies Useful in Catching Wanted Fugitives

When my team of fugitive hunters got the call of a violent gang member who was robbing cab drivers at gun point, we took action that day. It was getting to the point that the cab drivers were afraid to travel in one area of our city, hurting their business and the ability of residents to be able to travel freely to different parts of the city. The reason we got the call was because the last drive was shot and injured, and our superiors wanted it stopped immediately.


We had a description on the suspect, and we knew he was affiliated with a local gang based on his tattoos. The trouble we have in these cases involving gang members is that they will protect their own, and the residents of the community will not talk for fear of retribution from the gangs. This means that we have to take action and figure out how to close in on the suspect quickly before he has the chance to hurt someone.


We know there is a huge population of gang members in our local prison, and we know the officers in that jail utilize Securus Technologies to monitor all calls inside made by inmates. The company has 2,600 of those call monitoring systems in jails around the country, allowing officers to tighten security and help prevent crimes too. We first let the inmates know who we needed information on, then we waited as the LBS software scanned the calls.


I knew the gang members in jail would be running to the phones to warn their brother, and it was one new gang member who said more than he should have over the phone. By calling his sister to warn her boyfriend, we now had a location and suspect to stake out. We had the fugitive in custody, thanks to Securus Technologies, the following day.


Securus Technologies – Ensuring Inmates Can Stay In Contact With Their Families

Securus Technologies for years is a name synonymous to the advancing technologies in the field of correctional space. The company that was incorporated in the year 2014 is now a market leader in criminal justice and prison telecommunication field. Over the years the company has helped transform the correctional space and make it more modernized than it was a few years back. Apart from innovating and developing the correctional space, it also focuses on committing to excellence in customer service.


In recognition for its exceptional customer service, it also received the Gold Stevie Awards recently, beating over 2,300 other competitors from across the globe. The fact that Securus Technologies won the award the first time it participated reflects on the quality of services and high standards it maintains in its business operations. Securus Technologies continues to acquire other leading firms in the correctional space, such as Satellite Tracking of People LLC and Archonix Systems LLC to achieve an edge over its competitors and dominate the sphere of technology in the correctional field. Over, 3450 law enforcement agencies use the services of Securus Technologies, and the company has served millions of customers over the years.


In a press release published online recently, the company showcased what many of the law enforcement officials feel about the services offered by the enterprise. Securus Technologies also offered an open invitation to the investors and customers, both existing and potential, to visit and check out the highly advanced technology center located in Dallas, Texas.


Securus Technologies is one of the biggest inmate communications companies in the United States currently. I use its services often to call my family from prison. It is a cost-effective service and allows me to stay in touch with my loved ones, and the new video visitation service also offers to make video calls, which is simply unreal.

Securus Technologies: Setting the Patent Record Straight

GTL is currently pursuing a challenge to several long-standing Securus Technology patents. Securus, long acknowledged as a leading edge communications and security technology provider to almost 50 institutions, is dedicated to correcting the misinformation currently circulated by GTL about these legal contests.


One of the prominent patent challenges placed before the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) concerns patent No. 7,256, 816. Not only has the opposition to this patent not been validated by the PTAB, as claimed by GTL, but Securus is moving forward with rehearing arrangements. GTL has only a single independent claim against Securus, which believes that this individual claim does not conform to the “fundamental security feature” as claimed by GTL.


Additionally, the PTAB has not determined that any modifications or changes GTL says they have implemented were “patentable” nor that they are on the cusp of returning to court. Rather, PTAB has elected not to review the GTL claims. As for returning to court, that must be contingent upon the rehearing, which is also not yet scheduled so any court time is not close to being scheduled or even determined to occur.


Securus refutes any and all claims to patent infringement. In this case, GTL alleges that Securus is using a patented technology in its visitation platforms. Therefore, Securus is by no means threatened by GTL’s patent assault nor by any possible difficulties or penalties resulting therefrom.


Securus has a long tradition of making every effort to reach mutually acceptable financial arrangements with companies that use technology patented by Securus rather than dragging the courts into such discussions. Most often, Securus has managed satisfactory arrangements including with GTL in past circumstances.


This multimillion dollar and possibly multiyear process is wasting GTL funds and precious development time for both companies, but Securus is secure in their status and staying power.

Securus Technologies Wows The Public

The company, Securus Technologies has always been a leader in an industry that is always changing. They are in the business to service for the public’s safety, and they do an excellent job because of their ingenuity, and their ability to use the latest technology for what they need. At Securus Technologies, they practice levels of ethics that are higher than other companies in the field. Their specialists are extremely important and trained well.


Securus Technologies Deals With BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


When Securus Technologies deals with BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, they use them to train their people in extremely intense situations. Since they have exceptional workers, they find that they complete trainings to the highest levels.


BICSI Installer 1 Certification Is Given To Securus Technologies


The BICSI Installer 1 Certification is given to Securus Technologies by BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, and it is an honor for the company. Securus Technologies is extremely proud to have 11 of their specialists receive the certification. At Securus Technologies, great emphasis it put on being the best, and with the help of BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, are.


Securus Technologies Increases Their Notoriety


Securus Technologies is well known for their work, and with the certications from BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, they are even becoming better known throughout the world.


The future of Securus Technologies looks extremely good. They service the criminal and civil agencies in North America, and help 1,000,000 prisoners every year. They use monitoring and other high-tech items to increase the safety of the public.

Securus Technologies is becoming the beacon of light for many of the people in North America, and the world knows this. With

Securus Technologies leading the industry, there will be more and more advancements that will make the people safer in every way.