Michael Hageles Business Philosophy

…Michael Hagele works as a general adviser for tech companies in industries like biotechnology, defense, internet, and aerospace. Hagele founded several businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Michael uses his expertise to draft, negotiate and close many agreements in international and national telecommunications fields. Michael also handled commercial contracts, intellectual property issues, and various corporate transactions.

Michael worked as in-house attorney and worked as a general legal adviser for venture capital firms. He solved employment, corporate governance, mergers and many other issues. Michael got a degree in law from the University of California at Berkeley.

As an independent lawyer and someone who has worked directly under firms, Michael saw that small practices often serve their clients better, and this strategy makes it easier to give affordable yet high-value services for his clients.

Michael Hagele strategy involves taking time in the afternoon to go cycling to clear his mind and better think of solutions to problems. Michael believes in persistence and tenacity are the keys to making an idea reality. Utilizing a method that requires iteration, challenging assumptions and employing new information, the best results are achievable.

Michael advises a firm that created an application for determining the most productive use of funding and also invested in it. Michael believes that machine learning gives us the opportunity to discover the unknown or clarifying unclear ideas.  Follow Michael Hagele on Instagram

One of his secrets to increasing productivity is getting in the habit of placing the customer first because when you work in a high-stress industry, your client’s business may depend on your skills. If you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, you can fully decide how to help each person

One of Michaels strategies that fueled his practice’s growth is using social media because you can truly relate to customers in a more intimate way.

Michael learned that it’s a bad idea to work with someone who has a money only type of mindset and he understands every key person has to be invested in the business and its success in order to flourish. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/michael-hagele/


Jeff Yastine and the Hackers

Jeff Yastine, as the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing has written some informative pieces that help people who want to explore markets and financial investment. Protection of that wealth is another subject that he has covered in his publications. One of those is about a cyber attack on a bank overseas.

The Bank of Bangladesh had their money transfer code for international transfers hacked. It allowed the hackers to make large transactions internationally without getting caught. Their mode of protection against getting caught was to use non-profit organizations with names that were completely fake. They transferred $80 million in stolen money.

They would never have been caught if they had not made a grammatical error on the transfer form. That simple mistake made the bank catch on. The hackers were never arrested. In fact, they have never been found.

A piece of technology is used to protect against this very issue. Called Sheltered Harbor, it is like one of several technologies used to protect money transfers worldwide. It works by triggering a panic alert across all banks when something looks off. Although the hackers were never caught in person, they were unable to complete the last transfer or steal any more money. This system began around 2016 to help prevent more thefts from occurring. If one bank received a fraudulent transfer, then all of the banks would know and the transfer would never complete. Follow Jeff Yastine at stocktwits.com

Attacks like this are common these days, but attackers normally take only small transactions several times from millions of different accounts. When that happens they normally get away with it. Monitoring this is imperative to prevent the crime’s success. This particular group was really unusual and is indicative of this larger issue.

Jeff Yastine took interest in the cybersecurity aspects of investing in an effort to better understand how his investments are safeguarded. On tips he gives for readers is to check the First Trust Nasdaq Cybersecurity. Trading is up to 10% since August when he began following it. It helps track the community of investors’ safety of investments.

It’s important to note, according to Jeff Yastine, that all banks can be hacked. Even with security in place, it is imperative to follow the security of your investments by tracking them through the Nasdaq.

More Info Click here:https://banyanhill.com/expert/jeff-yastine/


Jason Hope discusses the ways in which aviation drive Internet of Things

Throughout the history of the United States, one of the primary sources of innovation has been the aviation industry. Since the Wright brothers’ first flight, aviation has been the impetus to develop all kinds of technological systems. These included computers, transponders, automated control systems and many, many other inventions.Jason Hope is one of the nation’s leading tech entrepreneurs. First becoming famous as the founder of Jawa, the nation’s first premium mobile content provider, Hope has since gone on to found a string of highly successful internet startups.

But recently, Hope has taken to the internet to tell all the advantages of the Internet of Things in the coming technologies that will make everyone’s lives a little easier.One of the areas in which Hope sees the Internet of Things being deployed, even as this is written, is in the field of aviation. He points to such things as jets being able to self-report their own performance status during flight and the ability of baggage to direct itself on airport conveyors to the correct baggage claim area.

Hope is quick to point out that aviation has long been one of the primary drivers of technological innovation within the United States. Systems such as automatic pilot, which were highly complex for their time, where installed on jet airliners in the early 1960s . The systems were capable of landing aircraft without any intervention from the pilot, all the way until touchdown. Hope points to the fact that these systems used sophisticated radio beacons that were based on the ground to communicate with the aircraft, letting it know its exact position relative to the runway. Hope argues that this was one of the first implementations of network technology in a large-scale commercial application.Hope says that, just as the highly sophisticated, transistor based computer technology that allowed autopilot systems to land aircraft in the ‘60s led to the development of personal computers in the early ‘80s, today’s aviation innovations will lead to tomorrow’s technologies as well.

Copa Star Hospital: A New Concept of Healthcare

Great structures are built when great ideas are materialized and especially when they are planned to benefit the people. Copa Star Hospital is one those ideas which have materialized now. It is in the southern region of Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro near Copacabana Beach. Copa Star Hospital has an amazing structure that gives it the appearance of a five-star hotel. The hospital is equipped with the latest healthcare instruments. It has changed the concept of regular hospitals. Everyone in the healthcare sector is discussing its innovative design and a new approach towards treating the patients. Operation theaters and ICUs are equipped with the latest robotic equipment. Copa Star Hospital’s architecture has visual images that guide patients to reach their rooms and help them to understand the surgical procedures.

Copa Star Hospital is a unique combination of innovative design and latest technology. A problem with regular hospitals is that the patients are unable to understand their system. It is not the case at Copa Star where the architecture itself guides the patients and visitors. Rede D’Or São Luiz at the hospital is the latest center for cardiology and neurology in the world. The doctors and nursing staff look after the patients around the clock. All operation theaters have magnetic resonance imaging technology which enables physicians to view the medical scan of their patients during the surgery. Doctors can send the images to experts in other countries and get a second opinion. Copa Star has introduced the concept of hybrid operation rooms which allows accessibility to instrument for small surgeries Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

The firm that has designed Copa Start Hospital is RAF Architecture, and the genius behind this concept is Roderigo Sambaguy who has a passion for designing comfortable hospitals. RAF Architecture is known for innovative designs of hospitals. The firm used its experience to build Copa Star Hospital and took patient care to a higher level. The strength of the hospital’s structure is increased with the use of Penetron and Crystalline technologies. Besides the amazing outlook, the inside of the hospital is very comfortable and appealing. The rooms of the hospital look like the bedrooms of a five-star hotel. Patients can do many tasks with a few taps on the iPad. They can pull and close the curtains, change the lighting, ask for attention from nurses, and talk to a doctor. A separate passage is made for the movement medical staff and stretchers.

The Sustainability Report of the authority declared that Copa Star has excellent energy usage system. The lightings, air conditioning, heating, medical equipment and water pumping are interconnected to conserve energy. The ventilated facades of the hospital conserve energy and add beauty to the building and surroundings. The cavity inside the facades limits heat gain and expels hot air of the hospital.

Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

An Investor, Philanthropist, And Entrepreneur- Jason Hope

Talk of a go-getter a man who is determined and ready to help the community and Jason Hope comes in mind. Mr. Jason is one guy who carries several titles including entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and an investor who is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. For a long time, Hope has been very passionate about technology and giving back to the community something he has been doing with an enthusiasm. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Jason has also been showing a keen interest in politics around the Arizona.

As a philanthropist, Jason Hope believes that he is obligated to contribute to the community’s welfare and that his wealth, as well as assets, gives the best opportunity to do so. He has been at the forefront of contributing to the interests of the people of Arizona and Jason is very determined to make sure that the Arizonans succeed. Together with like-minded organizations, Jason Hope supports the society to improve their future in areas including aging to assist people to live longer and healthier. Jason Hopes continues to work with such organizations where he has been contributing his time, resources and his power.

Jason Hope believes that technology is the future. His contribution to the technology mainly targets development as well as research. Some of the technological advances that he has been involved in include gaming software, desktop software, the development of mobile apps, and the development that embrace connectivity as well as the influence of technology that is in the front line to improve the human condition as it offers enjoyment and eases life. Jason Hope’s passion for technology has led to looking for other advantages of using technology. As a futurist, Mr. Hope has been working hand in hand with other investors as well as individuals to make sure that they improve on technology as he leads them in the right direction.

Jason Hope is originally from Arizona, where he grew up in Tempe. Later Hope joined Arizona State University and received a Degree in Finance. He later furthered his studies in the same University where he graduated with an MBA from W.P Carey School of Business. Jason Hope is also a business consultant.

A review of freedom pop; free mobile and internet service

There was a time when the internet was the new coolest thing and not many people really understood how it works. Back in those days, I made a statement and said that I wouldn’t pay for internet because it did not seem like the type of service to keep paying dial up connection fee for. Well, from that time till now, I have recanted my words every month before paying my subscription.


However, I was recently made to rethink my statement when I came across FreedomPop review. This is the first of a kind free mobile and internet service provider. This has created such a buzz that it is redefining the five year old model of provision of phone and internet services.


The most objective review of the app is that it is not for everyone. The service provider offers a variety of models that fit different groups of people. Below are some of the things that you may not know about the pricing model of the service, other services they offer and the service they give to their customers.


The free cell phone service offers 500 MB of data, 200 minutes and limitless texts. To be honest, the data may not seem much for a person that spends a lot of time, especially on social media sites. On the other hand, if you are the type of person that only needs to use their data for just checking emails, without extravagant services such as watching YouTube videos.


It is important to note that monitoring your freedom pop app is very important at all times. This is because the moment you exceed your data allotment, there is an automatic $10 for an additional data service for the given month. In their defense, the company does send an automatic email to the users telling them that an automatic charge is about to be made on their plan.


Another point to note is that the service is only free for the first year. After that, you will have to pay $10 per month for the same service. However, this will be done without commitment of any kind to the service provider. It is possible to pay an additional 0.02 dollars for every extra MB that you use up. Freedom Friends allows you to refer friends for benefits such as getting extra MBs free. Other benefits come when you complete surveys and downloads. This is a service that is definitely worth a try.


Wessex Institute of Technology is a Landmark Institute of Learning 

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is located in the South of England at Ashurst Lodge in New Forest National Park. WIT is a research and educational facility offering advanced degrees. The Institute was established in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia.

The school succeeded 5the Computational Mechanics Institute that was established in n1981. WIT is an organization dedicated to serving the international scientific community. The institute is operated by a Chairman of the Board and 14 Board of Directors from educational institutions from around the world.

The Wessex Institute divides their curriculum into three areas including publishing, conference and research. The goal of WIT is to develop a variety of knowledge learning mechanisms directed to the exchange of relevant information between the world of academics and professionals within the subject industry. WIT achieves this through a series and wide variety of activities highlighting a particular industry. The activities are organized by a team of WIT staff and companies taking part in the educational experience. The staff at WIT has established a large network of contacts with many organizations throughout the world.

WIT Press is the Institute’s publishing aspect of the Institute. The publishing service publishes journals, conference proceedings and specialized research papers and edited works. WIT Press operates at Ashton Lodge. Published works are archived at the WIT Press e-Library and the e-Library holds more than 30,000 papers which are characterized as open access works.

The conference series sponsored by the WIT Conference Program serves as the vehicle to achieve WIT’s transfer of knowledge and learning objectives. The WIT Conference Program is committed to being the link between academic and professional bodies and encourages research.

The WIT Research Program is funded by a variety of Research and Industry Organizations. The program has research agreements with a variety of countries around the world including Brazil, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.