Bernardo Chua A Success Story From Passed Down Knowledge

A native of the Philippines, a seed was planted by his Chinese grandparents who told young Bernardo Chua about the medicinal properties of the Ganoderma Mushroom that grows on logs around the world. While still living in the Phillippines, Chua started his career at Gano Excel where he took the knowledge passed to him by his grandparents and used it to become a top salesman at the company that was selling products infused with the Ganoderma Mushroom. Hus success led him to move to California where he was made President of Gano Excel USA.

That is when in 2008 Chua decided it was time for something different and resigned from his post at Gano Excel USA. He then went on to start a company of his own called Organo Gold. Established as a multi-level marketing firm, he recruited a brand new marketing team and quickly acquired a slew of new customers which saw his passion for the Ganoderma Mushroom balloon into success in the western world. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

With Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua took the Ganoderma Mushroom and infused it into coffee, teas, capsules, skin creams and several other products and sold them directly to customers across the globe. Focused on the education of potential customers, Chua was able to instill an unprecedented level of trust among the public. Soon Organo Gold would grow to become a multi-million dollar company focused on promoting their organic-based medicinal products.

Later, he would add grapeseed oil to their mix further establishing himself as a marketing juggernaut among his constituents. Not only had he become a household name in the Philipines through his work at Gana Excel, but now as a businessman on a global scale with Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua is proof that when a salesman is passionate about the product that he is selling, the sky is the limit. Starting a very young age with the help of his grandparents, he has been able to take the world by storm with his highly effective, organic and low-priced products sold directly to each of his customers. With the high-level of scrutiny that is common in the modern age, the truth is in an excellent product and honest marketing. Visit:

George Soros, History in the Making

George Soros is a billionaire investor who has invested most of his time and money in supporting political causes meant for the betterment of civilization. For years, George has had great involvements in American politics. For instance, Soros funded political campaigns in 2004 that were meant to prevent former President George W. Bush from getting to the helm of the American throne. After more than a decade of George working behind the scenes, he recently reappeared in 2016 to support his longtime friend and the American presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton. In total, Mr. Soros contributed more than $25 million in support of Hillary’s candidature. Besides, part of the money went to funding the campaigns of George’s most preferred candidates from the Democratic Party. Learn more about his profile at

Although the 2016 elections are long gone, people expected Soros to contribute more money in support of the Democrats even as elections were nearing. At the time, George was highly motivated to see to it that Mrs. Clinton dethrones the incumbent, President Barrack Obama. George, being a staunch supporter of immigration reforms, criminal justice reforms and religious tolerance felt that Hillary Clinton was the best presidential candidate who would take America to greater horizons if she won. To this end, he sought extra support from close friends and relatives all of whom contributed heavily to the Democratic Party coffers. Therefore, 2016 was a major comeback for George Soros, primarily because he cherished his long-standing friendship with Hillary Clinton. Some of the organizations Soros funded in support of Hillary include the Priorities USA Action, American Bridge 21st Century, Immigrant Voters Win, the Voting Rights Trust, America Votes, the Senate Majority PAC, and the Planned Parenthood Votes. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Throughout George’s lifetime, he has been incredibly passionate about political and social reforms. In the past, Soros has been said to spend more than $33 million in donations meant to fund activist groups. In so doing, he has brought together various organizations, all which confidently rally behind him in his time of need. It is only recently that George Soros sparked off the Ferguson protest movement, and gained a lot of support from various groups in the process. Most of the groups involved in the Ferguson protest were solely non-profit organizations, with George Soros being their chief financier. Due to George’s influence, the small protest grew to a massive demonstration that caught the attention of the relevant authorities. As a result, the grievances of the movement were heard and met thanks to George Soros. With the George Soros Open Society Foundations, people in the United States of America and beyond have been able to get social justice because the organization and its affiliates keep systems in check. Through the Foundation, affiliate members can combine policy, research, and data thus making governments and other influential authorities accountable for their actions. In George’s eighty-five year journey in life, he has been able to transform society for the better. Soros is never shy of seeing to it that all people get treated equally irrespective of gender, tribe, race, or sex.

The Work Dick DeVos Has Done With $139 Million In Charity

Dick DeVos has been known to be one of America’s most generous individuals with his gifts to various humanitarian and social activist groups. His family, headed by billionaire Richard DeVos Sr. is one of Michigan’s wealthiest business families, but they’ve also topped one of America’s most generous lists with givings of over $1.2 billion in totals. Dick DeVos recently announced that he and his wife Betsy had given $139 million in their total lifetime philanthropy, a number he had often been pressed on but wouldn’t previously divulge. His decision to release this number came right before Betsy came to Washington D.C. to be confirmed as the US Secretary of Education. He did say that that was not the only reason he chose to do it.


The groups that Dick DeVos’s $139 million has gone to vary, but a part of it has gone towards private K through 12 education as well as several universities and institutes. It was in 1990 that Dick DeVos first began his endeavor to help private schools by winning election to the Michigan Board of Education. Two years later it was the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation that began setting up scholarship programs in partnership with the Children’s Scholarship Fund to help both the schools and families in need. In 2010 Dick DeVos formed a group of educators that became part of the administration at the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter school that opened at the Gerald Ford Airport in Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos was the leading founder and donor of Grand Action, a group of business leaders working with city council members to bring in commerce and entertainment to downtown Grand Rapids. He also gave hospitals associated with Spectrum Health Systems a gift in 2006 and was awarded the Spectrum Health Art of Giving. In 2012 he and Betsy gave $22 million to complete the Institute for Arts Management Project at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.


Dick DeVos was taught about business and philanthropy by his parents, Richard and Helen DeVos. His father had co-founded Amway Corporation, the company that Dick spent much of his business career with. Dick was a vice president at Amway for about 6 years, then left the company for a few years and founded The Windquest Group. He returned to Amway to become CEO when his father retired and ran the company for 10 years. His company The Windquest Group invests in startup companies and technology developers based in Michigan.


Jason Hope discusses the ways in which aviation drive Internet of Things

Throughout the history of the United States, one of the primary sources of innovation has been the aviation industry. Since the Wright brothers’ first flight, aviation has been the impetus to develop all kinds of technological systems. These included computers, transponders, automated control systems and many, many other inventions.Jason Hope is one of the nation’s leading tech entrepreneurs. First becoming famous as the founder of Jawa, the nation’s first premium mobile content provider, Hope has since gone on to found a string of highly successful internet startups.

But recently, Hope has taken to the internet to tell all the advantages of the Internet of Things in the coming technologies that will make everyone’s lives a little easier.One of the areas in which Hope sees the Internet of Things being deployed, even as this is written, is in the field of aviation. He points to such things as jets being able to self-report their own performance status during flight and the ability of baggage to direct itself on airport conveyors to the correct baggage claim area.

Hope is quick to point out that aviation has long been one of the primary drivers of technological innovation within the United States. Systems such as automatic pilot, which were highly complex for their time, where installed on jet airliners in the early 1960s . The systems were capable of landing aircraft without any intervention from the pilot, all the way until touchdown. Hope points to the fact that these systems used sophisticated radio beacons that were based on the ground to communicate with the aircraft, letting it know its exact position relative to the runway. Hope argues that this was one of the first implementations of network technology in a large-scale commercial application.Hope says that, just as the highly sophisticated, transistor based computer technology that allowed autopilot systems to land aircraft in the ‘60s led to the development of personal computers in the early ‘80s, today’s aviation innovations will lead to tomorrow’s technologies as well.

Dick DeVos Philanthropic Activities

Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. She started getting involved in politics when she was in campus, and she has remained active for many years. For three decades, she had been in charge of several campaigns, political action campaigns and party organizations. She serves as the chairman of a party known as Michigan Republican for six years. She is a re-owned reformer, and the tendency runs in the family.

Her husband, Dick was once a nominee for the Republican Party for the gubernatorial race in Michigan. The family has also done very well in business. The family has a company, known as Amway. Dick serves as the president of the company for almost ten years. When he was the president, he was in charge of all the company operations. Amway has done very well since it was started, and it currently operates in fifty nations and six continents. The company is considered to be one of the most successful in the world.

When Dick DeVos was the president of the international company, it reported huge sales, amounting to almost five billion. Before becoming the president of this company, Dick was the Vice President of Amway International.

The businessman is also a leader in several communities in the United States. Dick DeVos is the founder of Education Freedom Fund, an organization that helps children from less fortunate families to access education. Under his leadership, the charitable organization has awarded more than four thousand scholarship to children from poor families in Michigan.

Dick DeVos is also the leader and founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school was started with the main aim of providing better educational programs, focusing on aviation. With the help of his family, the school has transformed the lives of many young people in Michigan. Due to his love for education, the businessman was also appointed to serve as he State Board of Education.

Dick DeVos is the chairman of several revitalization and regional healthcare improvement Grand Rapids in the country. Some of these include: $ 75 downtown arena, $130M heart hospital and many others.

The businessman is also an author. One of his books, published in 1997 is one of the most selling books in New York City. The book, titled Rediscovering American Values is available for consumers in seven languages.