Copa Star Hospital: A New Concept of Healthcare

Great structures are built when great ideas are materialized and especially when they are planned to benefit the people. Copa Star Hospital is one those ideas which have materialized now. It is in the southern region of Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro near Copacabana Beach. Copa Star Hospital has an amazing structure that gives it the appearance of a five-star hotel. The hospital is equipped with the latest healthcare instruments. It has changed the concept of regular hospitals. Everyone in the healthcare sector is discussing its innovative design and a new approach towards treating the patients. Operation theaters and ICUs are equipped with the latest robotic equipment. Copa Star Hospital’s architecture has visual images that guide patients to reach their rooms and help them to understand the surgical procedures.

Copa Star Hospital is a unique combination of innovative design and latest technology. A problem with regular hospitals is that the patients are unable to understand their system. It is not the case at Copa Star where the architecture itself guides the patients and visitors. Rede D’Or São Luiz at the hospital is the latest center for cardiology and neurology in the world. The doctors and nursing staff look after the patients around the clock. All operation theaters have magnetic resonance imaging technology which enables physicians to view the medical scan of their patients during the surgery. Doctors can send the images to experts in other countries and get a second opinion. Copa Star has introduced the concept of hybrid operation rooms which allows accessibility to instrument for small surgeries Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

The firm that has designed Copa Start Hospital is RAF Architecture, and the genius behind this concept is Roderigo Sambaguy who has a passion for designing comfortable hospitals. RAF Architecture is known for innovative designs of hospitals. The firm used its experience to build Copa Star Hospital and took patient care to a higher level. The strength of the hospital’s structure is increased with the use of Penetron and Crystalline technologies. Besides the amazing outlook, the inside of the hospital is very comfortable and appealing. The rooms of the hospital look like the bedrooms of a five-star hotel. Patients can do many tasks with a few taps on the iPad. They can pull and close the curtains, change the lighting, ask for attention from nurses, and talk to a doctor. A separate passage is made for the movement medical staff and stretchers.

The Sustainability Report of the authority declared that Copa Star has excellent energy usage system. The lightings, air conditioning, heating, medical equipment and water pumping are interconnected to conserve energy. The ventilated facades of the hospital conserve energy and add beauty to the building and surroundings. The cavity inside the facades limits heat gain and expels hot air of the hospital.

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