How Jason Hope Contributes To The Medical Field Using His Technological Knowledge And Platform

Jason Hope InvestorJason Hope is an American entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and philanthropist. He was born in Arizona, where he currently resides and grew up in Tempe. He earned an MBA from the Cary School of Business in Arizona State University’s WP.

Jason has inclined his career towards technology and specializes in developing mobile applications, desktop software, and gadgets. Jason has developed a deep involvement in philanthrophy with notable acts in partnerships with foundations such as SENS Foundation, The Leukemia & Lymphoma, and Celebrity Fight Night. He is also a contributor to the Arizona Science Center, Goldwater Institute and tgen, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, True Colors Fund, and the Andre Agassi Foundation.

Jason uses his skills and platform to contribute and create awareness in education, biotechnology, scientific research, and technology. He expressed his views in a published article on the possibility of a more quality life through the interconnection of items using technology. Jason stated that innovation of smart homes, intelligent vehicles, and smart cities that interconnect and communicate with one another would significantly improve the efficiency of everyday life and accuracy of objects that will be sensed and remotely controlled in the setup network infrastructure.

Jason Hope (@jasonhope) explained that consumers who are currently using smartphones and other intelligent gadgets would inevitably demand the development of smart gadgets for the road. For example, a simple innovation such as connecting a smartphone to the heating and A/C unit in a house or a facial recognition system that alerts a receptionist when a visitor returns will prove efficient and worthy in the long run.

Jason Hope’s support of the SENS Foundation stems from situations in his earlier life. He donated $500,000 in support of the organization’s operation. SENS Foundation focuses on developing possible means people can live longer and healthier lives through research using the rejuvenation technology. They spend millions of cash studying the relationship between diseases that cause the body to wear out faster, such as the Alzheimer illness, heart disease, and lung ailments. Their target is to develop drugs that prevent the diseases from developing, instead of developing a medicine that combats an already growing sickness.

Jason provides analysis standards one can use in picking the movement that they can engage in with most passion. He recommends that one should determine what it is they love, the resources that they can aid the organization with and the level of involvement with which they want, either locally or nationally.