Paul Mampilly weighs in on Cryptocurrency

The end of the cryptocurrency business is in sight according to Paul Mampily a former hedgefund manager. He hasn’t figured out when this will take place but is quite confident that it won’t be long before investors begin counting their losses.

Paul Mampilly is of the opinion that the bitcoin business is borrowing leaf from the 1999 explosion where technology stocks kept rising. Two years later when the stock prices nosedived, a lot of investors including Paul’s friends had to deal wih great losses. He had warned them back then but none paid any attention. Follow Paul on Twitter.

Anyone who cared to buy ethereum, bitcoin or any other major cryptocurrency at the start of the year is reaping big. With the value of bitcoin now at $19000, the business is booming. Paul Mampily believes that this will not last for long.

The cryptocurrencies are not managed by any central authority. This has allowed its value to grow exponentially. Opinion on the growth of cryptocurrencies has been divided for quite sometime now. The tech savvy guys think that it will be the currency of the future while skeptics feel that its bubble will burst.

Paul Mampilly warns that the writing is on the wall and that investors need to rein on their excitment before they lose what they worked so hard to acquire. Most of the individuals who missed out on the opportunity to invest in bitcoin when the prices were low have no place to hide their faces with many success stories making rounds in the internet. This may change if Paul’s predictions come to pass. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill

The overwhelming interest expressed by popular culture to cryptocurrency should be a red flag to any cautious investor as far as Paul Mampilly is concerned. Soon the intense growth of the cryptocurrencies will not be sustained. Seasoned investors are known to adequately analyse a prospective opportunity before commiting their resources to it. While conducting his research on bitcoin, Mampilly could not place a definitive value to it.

Most cryptocurrency investors have become emotionally attached to their investment as a result of the public craze. What they don’t know is that when things go south they will probably look back in regret and wish that they could have made the right choice.

Inspite of his view of the whole business, Mampily is a huge admirer of the blockchain technology that is used to manage cryptocurrencies. He also believes that all may not be lost for investors in case of a bubble burst. The blockchain technology may be employed in other sectors like real estate and improve the efficiency of transactions. Visit:


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