Why Jim Tananbaum an Investor and A Founder of Many Companies

According to Wired, Jim is credited for having started many businesses that have all gone to become very successful companies in their right. Being someone who valued innovation in the healthcare sector, Jim went on to found and become the CEO of Foresite Capital in 2011. As a dedicated private equity company in healthcare, the firm sought to establish some of the emerging leaders in healthcare provision with the aim supplying them with capital, networks, and information to help them grow.

Before starting Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum had been involved in the co-founding of two other successful biopharmaceutical firms and another two healthcare investment practices. He helped found GelTex Pharmaceuticals which were later responsible for developing and bringing two very successful drugs into the market. The company then went and became very profitable with an approximate annual revenue generation of $ 1 billion after it had been sold in 1998 for $ 1.6 billion. Also, Jim was also involved in the founding of yet another very successful company called Theravance, Inc. and became its CEO.

To add to his investment skills, he is also credited with being the founding partners of Prospect Ventures Partners 2 and 3. He was also involved in starting Sierra Ventures and had assisted in creating its healthcare services investment practice.

Jim Tananbaum had a very solid educational background. He attended Yale where he took math and electrical engineering and computer science as his major graduating with his MD. He then proceeded to Harvard and received his Master’s in Business Administration before winding up his studies at MIT where he received his MS.

He was a brilliant student during his years in school and widely believed in the combination of hard sciences as an interdisciplinary union. As an accomplished academic, Jim is also involved in mentoring students and admits that it was tough the mentorship and collaboration of people like George Whitesides from Harvard, Rick Klausner (NCI), Rick Lavin from Yale and much more that played a huge role in mentoring him to become the scholar he is today.