David Giertz on the Need to Speak to Clients about Social Security

With over 30 years experience in the financial sector, David L. Giertz recently completed a new video where he urges his colleagues to properly inform their clients about the potential social security pitfalls they might encounter if they are not careful.

David Giertz said that many individuals nearing retirement and those already in retirement have a number of misconceptions about Social Security that could be downright damaging to them and lead to a huge loss in retirement income. Indeed, the days of having pensions and healthy 401 K’s are becoming rarer and rarer, so David Giertz is providing a valuable public service by offering seniors and older workers the needed tips in order to maximize their social security benefits.

Giertz cited a study by Nationwide Retirement Institute that showed 30 percent of retirees are receiving a benefit that is less than they expected. The survey on soundcloud.com discovered that those close to retirement by and large did not understand the process.

Of course, it really is no wonder that so many people do not understand the process. Financial planners on Vimeo have to undergo years of training in order to understand the Social Security Handbook, simply because of the fact that it contains over 2,700 different rules. However, there are a lot of people who realize the need for a solid strategy for Social Security, as four our of five surveyed said they would consider changing advisers if they did not strategize with them about Social Security.

By and large future retirees must plan for income, and that begins with an understanding of Social Security at https://twitter.com/davidgiertz. Giertz said that planning for Social Security benefits should amount to at least 40 percent of all retirement income that seniors and other retirees can expect.

There is no question that Giertz’s track record with helping seniors is impressive. Not only has he pass four important examinations, but he has also served as President of Nationwide Financial Distributors since 2013.

Giertz is also registered with the highly selective FINRA as a broker, so if you are looking to maximize your retirement income, he is definitely the one to talk to.

Danilo Diaz Granados Leads Another Unforgettable Toys For Boys Event


Enjoying the luxury lifestyle is the aim of just about every person in the world, but those who are lucky enough to have reached that stage in life often need a little help in finding the products and services they can take advantage of. Toys For Boys was established in 2013 by Danilo Diaz Granados for male members of the Latin community in Miami, Florida who want to make the most of their lifestyle; Granados has made the name of Toys For Boys with a series of unforgettable events that have now taken in the Palm Beach Race Track during a recent event.


Danilo Diaz Granados has become an ever more important figure in the Latin community of Miami where he serves many different parts of the community as an investment and lifestyle expert; the Toys For Boys brand has been an important part of the life of Granados for many years as the store in Miami stocks a wide range of works of art, collectibles, and autos. In his work with FCP and through his blog Danilo has recently been exploring the latest options in technology, which Danilo Diaz Granados believes can be understood best by looking at how technology changes over the years.


Over the course of his career with Toys For Boys Danilo Diaz Granados has rarely bettered the latest event provided for a hand selected group of men who met at Miami’s impressive One Thousand Museum before taking a helicopter ride to the Palm Beach Race Track. A high performance time spent racing the track was followed by a further helicopter ride back to Miami for a champagne soaked sunset cruise from the River Yacht Club. The men were given a number of new ideas about how to spend their time when a new experience is available from the Toys For Boys brand.

Kyle Bass: Part Of The New Establishment?

The New Establishment Summit is a meeting that takes place usually on an annual basis. The goal of the Summit is to bring together industry leaders in realms of, technology, entertainment, finance, media, and anywhere else world-shaping events are taking place. To that end, the Summit always invites high-profile speakers from leading bastions of the international community. This year’s event will see the CEO of Amazon speak, the vice president of Apple say a few words, and billionaire financier Kyle Bass have his moment as well. There are others who will be speaking at the event, but Kyle Bass’ inclusion is very intriguing.

Kyle Bass short-sold against sub-prime loans in 2008 and made a fortune. He was instantly catapulted to international celebrity by the mainstream financial media, and since then has used his platform as a means of announcing investment decisions and advice. Since 2016 he’s been railing against China, even going so far as to predict financial collapse by the end of this year. As of September, this has yet to occur; however Bass has extended his projection to include the next two to three years. According to Bass, their bubble is going to collapse eventually, it’s just a matter of when. Although Useful Stooges doubts that, based on his history.  He’s put his money where his mouth is: currently Bass has a billion dollars tied up investment-wise against Chinese currency.

While this seems like a good thing for the US–that Bass is betting for the American dollar and against China’s option–in reality it portends negative things. If China’s economy implodes, it will affect the US economy; meaning increased dollar value will come at the expense of decreased economy, reflecting an actual loss.

But Bass regularly manages to make money from the losses of big-ticket financial powers. Consider CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which uses petitions and special interest groups to drop stock value on Wall Street so Kyle Bass can short-sell his holdings. This is always done under the penumbra of humanitarianism, but given these stock drops cut R&D budgets from big-ticket pharmaceuticals, that seems a lot more unlikely than the idea Kyle Bass is simply opportunistic.

Sam Tabar Becomes The COO Of FullCycle Energy Fund

Sam Tabar became the new COO of FullCycle Energy Fund back in December. This means he will be responsible for FullCycle Energy Fund’s management strategy.

Speaking about taking on the role, Sam Tabar said he was honored and excited. He added that he was looking forward to partnering with the company’s senior leadership team to help them deliver their mission, which is described as moving away from high priced polluting fuels to more environmentally friendly fuels.

The Career Of Sam Tabar
Sam Tabar is an attorney, and his services are available on Thumbtack.  He has held high profile positions at major companies. He worked as a senior associate at the law firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP and he worked as the Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction at Merrill Lynch.

He also worked with clients directly, and eventually he was promoted to Co-Head of Business Development for PMA. Tabar worked there for six years.

Tabar also landed a job with Adenval LLC and then he went on to manage his own practice. Since then, he has handled many well-known contacts that he has developed over the length of his career in the hedge fund management industry.

Sam Tabar is expected to do very well as the COO of FullCycle Energy Fund, and this shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone in the hedge fund management world.

Transform Your Wealth With VTA Publications

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