Academy of Art University Makes Headlines During Fashion Week

Anyone who knows anything about fashion knows that fashion week is a big thing. When fashion week comes around, anyone who wants to make themselves known, they strive to make it onto the runway. The problem however is that most people who want into this business are not as talented as they hope to be. It is very rare to actually find someone who has the talent to actually make themselves known.


On September 9th, 2017, the Academy of Art University put on the 21st runway showcase at the Skylight Clarkson Square. This is the actual residence for anything related to style during this week. When the runway showcase was over, ten people who were recent graduates of the university were debuted. There was 5 womenswear collections along with 2 menswear and 2 collections that were collaborated together.


The designers who were featured come from all backgrounds. They came from China, Maine and many places in between. Each of them held their own idea and showcased each of their own techniques. When it comes to impressing someone, the one person that is hardest to impress is Ms. J Alexander. You might know the name from America’s Next Top Model.


Many talented designers have emerged from the art school since its opening in 1929. What was once founded by Richard S. Stephens has grown into a massive school with over 280 full time teachers and a large number of part-time staff. Currently they offer classes to over 12,000 students each year.


The privately held school is one of the biggest properties owned in San Francisco. The main portion of the campus is situated on New Montgomery Street which is located in the South Market district. The school also owns and maintains the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum. Inside of the museum there are 200 vintage cars that have been labeled as the rarest cars on the market as well as the most valuable of all cars. The collection has been featured by Forbes with a value of over 70 million dollars. The school is much more than just an art school. It also houses a sports team which has won awards at the Pacific West Conference Championships.


Fabletics Creates New Business Model

Amazon is probably feeling the heat from Fabletics. Fabletics is slowly taking over the retail market and the online retail market with their line of very trendy athletic-wear for women. It’s estimated that Amazon controls 20 percent of the retail clothing market. However, Fabletics is taking a bite out of Amazon‘s piece of the retail pie, with their customer focused, subscription service. Recently, the clothing company made a major move that includes adopting the reverse showroom technique to increase their sales. Clearly, the reverse showroom technique proved very successful for Fabletics.


Fabletics Reverse Show Room Method

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has quietly adopted the reverse show room method in their marketing strategy techniques to win over new customers and keep current customers loyal to their brand of clothing. Their business strategy always involved offering a high quality brand of trendy clothing to customers. In addition, the subscription based service offered their members customized clothing picks that matched their personal lifestyle. The company determined that these were all important elements to the modern day, customer. Their business strategy was a success. This success has led to Fabletics giving the customer even more choices. Now, customers are able to browse their site for the latest trendy, clothing. Identify, the clothing that they desire, and purchase the clothing in a Fabletics physical store.


Why Reverse Show Room Techniques Work

It’s all about personal service. This is a philosophy that is held by the Fabletics General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin. He strongly believes that their membership based business model allows the company to create highly personalized clothing choices for their customers that really satisfy their desires in terms of quality, price, and style. Many retailers are losing customers to reverse show rooming. Fabletics has actually gained customers using the reverse showrooming method. Customers go to the Fabletics website to browse, and end up in the local Fabletics store making purchases. Facts don’t lie. Statistics show that about half the people that visit their physical store are already VIP members. Another 25 percent join, once they visit the store. This is definitely a new business model that works well for Fabletics.



Teri Hutcheon is the blogger behind A Foodie Stays Fit and she is a person that is highly qualified to talk about Fabletics. Fabletics is more than just another online retailer. It is a clothing retailer that offers beautiful, trendy clothing that is also very high quality. Teri Hutcheon is a paying member of Fabletics and a VIP member too. Fabletics offers VIP members several extra benefits. For example, VIP members pay less than 25 bucks for their first Fabletics outfits. All the other monthly customized outfits are less than fifty dollars.


Teri states that the quality of the clothing is good. In fact, it was better than she expected. She was also very impressed with the styles. All very trendy and current. In addition, she states that the clothing is high quality and at a very affordable price. Teri and thousands of other satisfied customers think that Fabletics is a winner, offering great deals online or in their physical store.