What Does Investment Expert Igor Cornelsen Think About African Branding?

Should you simply invest in the top corporate blue-chip brands known all around the globe? Some people prefer this investment strategy. If you are a bit more daring, you might learn a little about what investment expert Igor Cornelsen thinks about African branding.

“Africa Needs More Global Brands”

When you consider the list of the most popular brands in the world, it might be full of companies from the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland and Japan. Gradually, some South Korean and Chinese firms are becoming more well-known, but Africa is not really well-represented.

Many African brands are basically offshoots from colonial brands. The Europeans started the firm, but gave it a little more of a local flavor. Investment consultant Igor Cornelsen identified this key African problem: “Lack of well-known global brands.” Some of the reasons for this are quite basic – while the British had a global empire, no African nation did. Thus, the African brands were not spread around the world.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen also blames the high interest rates charged in Africa. Because of the high risks involved, there are few startups on the continent. This needs to change, if Africa wants to compete with the other continents for venture capital and asset investment capital. It is kind of a “vicious cycle.”


“Most Admired African Brands”

Nevertheless, there is an emerging movement to promote “Made In Africa.” Ventures Africa listed the following as the “Top 10 Most Admired Brands” on the continent:

  • MTN in South Africa
  • GLO in Nigeria
  • Dangote in Nigeria
  • Tusker in Kenya
  • Mukwando in Uganda
  • Simu TV in Tanzania
  • Zenith Bank in Nigeria
  • Peak Milk
  • Sasko in South Africa
  • Star Beer in Nigeria

As wealth management professional Igor Cornelsen pointed out, most are “local” and don’t really have an international appeal. Will that change? The top African entrepreneurs need to find affordable funding. Then, who knows what could happen?

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How Louis Chenevert’s Principles brought Success to UTC

Louis Chenevert is without doubt among the top league of influential businessmen and entrepreneurs in the world. The French-Canadian entrepreneur obtained a Production Management degree from HEC Montreal. He is recognized worldwide because of his brilliant principles combined with his deep love for technology. Today, many corporations and leaders across the globe embrace Chenevert’s principles and implement his ideas in their businesses to maximize production and influence growth. Chenevert launched his career with General Motors, where he worked for 14 years eventually landing the role of General Manager, Production. From there he worked with UTC’s subsidiary company, Pratt & Whitney, where his excellent performance swayed his appointment as president of the company. Later he got elected CEO and President of UTC.

During his reign at UTC, the company made considerable strides to reach great success. UTC made good innovations, which combined with advanced technology, propelled the company to the very top of the industry. Though Chenevert took the role of CEO during the great recession, he managed to steer UTC out of the storm. Several gig companies failed to recover. One of his most significant achievements at UTC was the $18.4 billion acquisition of Goodrich. When the US Air Force needed an alternate engine, Chenevert delivered through UTC’s Pratt & Whitney. UTC’S share prices rose by 200% when Chenevert was at the helm. He believed the firm’s foundation was its employees and thus, took great care of them. He stationed employees where their skills were applicable. He also started a sponsorship program for all employees undertaking further studies. All sectors of UTC showed outstanding performance during Chenevert’s time at the firm. Employees largely embraced his vision to spend more on modern technology. He believed that with the right technology and dedicated workers, success was in the offing for the company. UTC grew stable and realized unmatched success.

Chenevert stepped down from his leadership role at UTC on the 8th of December 2014. A director at the company has since taken charge. The high standards Louis Chenevert set at UTC still guide operations at the firm. After leaving UTC, Chenevert took a job as Exclusive Advisor to Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division.https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-09-08/goldman-sachs-hires-former-united-technologies-ceo-chenevert

George Soros, History in the Making

George Soros is a billionaire investor who has invested most of his time and money in supporting political causes meant for the betterment of civilization. For years, George has had great involvements in American politics. For instance, Soros funded political campaigns in 2004 that were meant to prevent former President George W. Bush from getting to the helm of the American throne. After more than a decade of George working behind the scenes, he recently reappeared in 2016 to support his longtime friend and the American presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton. In total, Mr. Soros contributed more than $25 million in support of Hillary’s candidature. Besides, part of the money went to funding the campaigns of George’s most preferred candidates from the Democratic Party. Learn more about his profile at businessinsider.com.

Although the 2016 elections are long gone, people expected Soros to contribute more money in support of the Democrats even as elections were nearing. At the time, George was highly motivated to see to it that Mrs. Clinton dethrones the incumbent, President Barrack Obama. George, being a staunch supporter of immigration reforms, criminal justice reforms and religious tolerance felt that Hillary Clinton was the best presidential candidate who would take America to greater horizons if she won. To this end, he sought extra support from close friends and relatives all of whom contributed heavily to the Democratic Party coffers. Therefore, 2016 was a major comeback for George Soros, primarily because he cherished his long-standing friendship with Hillary Clinton. Some of the organizations Soros funded in support of Hillary include the Priorities USA Action, American Bridge 21st Century, Immigrant Voters Win, the Voting Rights Trust, America Votes, the Senate Majority PAC, and the Planned Parenthood Votes. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Throughout George’s lifetime, he has been incredibly passionate about political and social reforms. In the past, Soros has been said to spend more than $33 million in donations meant to fund activist groups. In so doing, he has brought together various organizations, all which confidently rally behind him in his time of need. It is only recently that George Soros sparked off the Ferguson protest movement, and gained a lot of support from various groups in the process. Most of the groups involved in the Ferguson protest were solely non-profit organizations, with George Soros being their chief financier. Due to George’s influence, the small protest grew to a massive demonstration that caught the attention of the relevant authorities. As a result, the grievances of the movement were heard and met thanks to George Soros. With the George Soros Open Society Foundations, people in the United States of America and beyond have been able to get social justice because the organization and its affiliates keep systems in check. Through the Foundation, affiliate members can combine policy, research, and data thus making governments and other influential authorities accountable for their actions. In George’s eighty-five year journey in life, he has been able to transform society for the better. Soros is never shy of seeing to it that all people get treated equally irrespective of gender, tribe, race, or sex.

Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Joao Pessoa is a city that is based in the northeastern part of Brazil, and it is renowned for its beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and hospitality that it offers. One of its primary locations is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, which is a large state-of-the-art shopping place that offers a wide array of products and services. The mall has been striving to ensure that it attracts clients by providing top notch entertainment amenities. The comfort and fun that the place offers have become its trademark.

The entertainment facilities of the shopping mall include a cinema hall. It has 11 theaters that are well equipped. It also has 3D rooms, VIP lounges, and a room that has been set up in a stadium arrangement to offer a wide viewing space. The mall also contains a bar that offers soft drinks, candy, popcorn, and other goodies that the clients may desire to have while watching movies. The property also has an electric amusement park that offers various gaming equipment. It has 200 modern machines and an electronic bowling lane that are in an 1800 square meters room. The shopping place has also established a world-class gym that can be used for leisure. Read more on polemicaparaiba.com

The mall has a concert hall that was created about seven years ago, and it is located on its rooftop. It is known as the Domus Hall, and it is the largest in the entire Joao Pessoa. The place can accommodate about 10,000 people during concerts. It has excellent air conditioning and sound equipment. Customers of the Manaira Shopping can be fully entertained when they are at the mall. The variety of amenities that the place offers has enabled it to develop excellent relationships with the clients who are both residents of the city and tourists. The mall also has a gourmet place that provides a unique environment where people can spend time. It has a steakhouse and a food court, and they both offer delicious cuisine.

Santiago is presently 58 years old. He has been a businessperson since he was a teenager.  Roberto Santiago founded a cartonnage enterprise that was focused in the creation of decorative objects, and it was based in Santa Rosa. The cartoon company was profitable, and it enabled him to gain capital for establishing his shopping malls, which are Maniara Shopping and Madeira Shopping. Robert Santiago studied at Pio X-Marist College and University Center of Joao Pessoa.

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Arthur Becker, Leading Tech Industries to Successful Futures

Investing into technology can be an incredibly lucrative option, especially with the advances that technology is making today. But along with these advances, a massive number of products flood the markets, hoping to find an investor to help them get off their feet. The truth is, not every technological advancement is worth investing into, and no one knows this better than Arthur Becker. Arthur has been in the investment game for far too long not to be able to. Arthur is considered a sort of tech guru in the world of business technology and has made numerous investments that have turned out to be multi-million dollar projects.

Through his career, Arthur has founded numerous companies and has led some of the most technologically advanced teams in their business ventures. He has tremendous experience in the field of technology as well as business. Combining those two skillsets, Arthur Becker has managed to help numerous businesses grow into the giants they are today.

According to Bloomberg, currently, Arthur serves as the CEO of Zino. Zino is a company that offers users access to many news and magazine sources from numerous agencies around the world. Currently, the app is available for download on GooglePlay and the AppStore for Android and iOS devices. Each day, users get access to thousands of news articles from around the world. While using the app, users aren’t just limited to handheld devices. The app also has a sharing feature which allows you to read articles on numerous other devices like TVs and tablets.

Another company which has grown significantly under Arthur’s leadership is NaviSite. Before Zino, Arthur was the CEO of NaviSite, a tech company. He also served and advised on the board of directors for the company and was responsible for some of the company’s biggest business ventures. NaviSite had collaborated with some of the tech and IT giants like Oracle and Microsoft when Arthur was serving as the CEO of the company. NaviSite works with numerous companies, of all sizes, offering solutions in cloud computing and website hosting.

Arthur’s experience to lead companies shows in the numerous business ventures he has undertaken and also in the manner he has led his companies to be huge successes in the field. For more info, check out arthurbeckerstudio.com.