Wessex Institute of Technology is a Landmark Institute of Learning 

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is located in the South of England at Ashurst Lodge in New Forest National Park. WIT is a research and educational facility offering advanced degrees. The Institute was established in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia.

The school succeeded 5the Computational Mechanics Institute that was established in n1981. WIT is an organization dedicated to serving the international scientific community. The institute is operated by a Chairman of the Board and 14 Board of Directors from educational institutions from around the world.

The Wessex Institute divides their curriculum into three areas including publishing, conference and research. The goal of WIT is to develop a variety of knowledge learning mechanisms directed to the exchange of relevant information between the world of academics and professionals within the subject industry. WIT achieves this through a series and wide variety of activities highlighting a particular industry. The activities are organized by a team of WIT staff and companies taking part in the educational experience. The staff at WIT has established a large network of contacts with many organizations throughout the world.

WIT Press is the Institute’s publishing aspect of the Institute. The publishing service publishes journals, conference proceedings and specialized research papers and edited works. WIT Press operates at Ashton Lodge. Published works are archived at the WIT Press e-Library and the e-Library holds more than 30,000 papers which are characterized as open access works.

The conference series sponsored by the WIT Conference Program serves as the vehicle to achieve WIT’s transfer of knowledge and learning objectives. The WIT Conference Program is committed to being the link between academic and professional bodies and encourages research.

The WIT Research Program is funded by a variety of Research and Industry Organizations. The program has research agreements with a variety of countries around the world including Brazil, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.