Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates: New York Law

Jeremy Goldstein is the top executive compensation and corporate governance lawyer in the country. His law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, handles many cases involving these issues. Many of their clients are compensation committees, top CEOs, management teams, and corporations. Jeremy Goldstein tends to handle all of his firm’s larger cases.

Before founding his firm, Mr. Goldstein attended three separate universities: New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. He earned three degrees, including an M.S., a J.D., and a B.A. When he’s not working, he’s donating his time to the Make-AWish Foundation of Metro New York and Fountain House, a charity dedicated to the recovery of mental illness patients.

Succeeding in New York law is difficult. New York has some of the oldest, most respected law firms in the United States. Fortunately, the New York State Bar Association created the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) 35 years ago. The LRIS has several services that provide New York residents with matches to qualified attorneys practicing in or near their community.

Many people seek legal help during times of stress. To lessen that stress and make it easier to find an attorney, the LRIS created a new online service. The phone service is still available, but the online service is more convenient. The online service is also available 24 hours a day. The State Bar Association created this service with the help of

State Bar President Claire Gutekunst suggested that the new service gives residents more confidence in the lawyers they’re referred. Every lawyer referred by the LRIS is in good legal standing with the State Bar. Their credentials meet the State Bar’s requirements. This new service also helps attorneys.

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