Kevin Seawright’s Company, RPS Solutions And The Christ Haven Pentecostal Church Team UP For A Christmas Toy Drive In Philadelphia

The residents of Philadelphia got an early Christmas treat from RPS Solutions and the Christ Haven Pentecostal church. Kevin Seawright is the founder and CEO of RPS Solution which specializes in real estate development. The local church and the real estate company teamed up in a Christmas and New Year luncheon and a toy drive for kids in Philadelphia.

Kids having fun

This luncheon was able to attract more than 200 children from Philadelphia who received a wide range of toys. The kids ranged, from two-year-olds to teenagers who received different toys that were meant to brighten their festive season. The Christmas toy drive was able to avail gifts in the form of toys to hundreds of kids who hailed from low-income families that could not afford such a luxury even during this festive season. The main aim of the luncheon was to bring city residents together to enjoy a unique afternoon full of fun activities and special food. The idea of the event was to create a sense of togetherness and brotherhood within the society. The children too gained from the event as they got a chance to play, socialize and make new friends from around their neighborhoods. Visit for more info.

Welcoming the New Year

The luncheon was a great chance for the adults who graced the occasion to see the end of the year and welcome a new one in style. There was a wide range of menus for the guests, from local foods to international cuisines. The day was characterized by numerous messages of how the residents of Philadelphia could ensure closeness and live in harmony as they prepared to usher in 2018. Close-knit community was also emphasized by all the guests who got a chance to speak. The luncheon provided a chance for city residents to have the brotherly love that Philadelphia has been known for restored. It was however evident that the concern and love for each other could be re-ignited with hundreds of city residents gracing the occasion.

Kevin Seawright and his company’s reputation

Kevin Seawright is a professional in the fields of project management and accounting. He is currently based in Newark, New Jersey. RPS Solutions has organized such events for underprivileged communities before and has always led by example. Kevin Seawright had previously worked in other sectors such as education, local government and the development of real estate in Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland before he finally relocated to New Jersey. Visit:


CFO and Vice President of the Newark Economic development Corporation, Kevin Seawright, looks to provide summer jobs for local Newark students

Kevin Seawright is currently the CFO and Vice President of the Newark Economic development Corporation, according to Crunchbase. He has innovated many new business strategies over 13 years, which has allowed him to improve the financial capacity of people on the East Coast, and create new financial and accounting methodologies. These methodologies that he has had a part in creating have consistently yielded results.

As CFO and Vice President of the Newark Economic development Corporation, Kevin Seawright has partnered with other local organizations in order to provide jobs for young students in the summer of 2016. This program will include lectures on job-training and college readiness, which will allow these students to prepare for their future. Along with these lectures, the students will be able to work for six weeks, and these students will earn valuable experience as well as minimum wage. This program will help the students gain the financial skills of opening, and maintaining, their checking and savings accounts.

Along with the money the students will be receiving for their labor, Kevin Seawright was able to secure partnerships with other companies that would provide financial literacy to the students. These companies are Santander Bank and TD Bank. Not only will this program provide these students with valuable experience in the financial world, but it also aims to help boost college graduation rates in the Newark area. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter

Each year Kevin Seawright aims to increase the number of jobs that are open to these young students. Mr. Seawright aims to have 3500 jobs available to the young students of Newark for 2016. Mr. Seawright also believes that by having the application of the program online it will make a positive impact, and allow for more jobs to be provided to these students of Newark.

Since Mr. Seawright is a very successful business man in his own right, this program will be sure to succeed under the guidance of himself and the Newark Economic development Corporation. See