Innovation and Creativity at its Best: The Story of Lori Senecal

The advertising and marketing industries are some of the fastest changing industries in the world. Not only do the companies that work with their clients have to adapt to changes in their own industry, but they also have to adapt their marketing styles with their client’s industry as well. This double-edged sword can be difficult for many marketing executives to navigate. For Lori Senecal, however, this is just another day on the job.

Lori Senecal was born in a rural town in Canada as the fourth daughter of a shopkeeper and schoolteacher. She had to learn how to be creative and innovative to get the attention of her parents growing up, since she was the youngest of three siblings. After getting her degree in commerce, marketing, and finance from McGill University, she quickly found that her humble and difficult childhood provided her with the foundation that she would need to be a successful advertising executive.

After her first couple jobs, Lori was on the fast track to the executive positions at advertising agencies. She rose up through the ranks of McCann Worldgroup, a global advertising firm, to the Global Chief Innovation Officer position in 2006, becoming the President of McCann Worldgroup’s flagship New York office shortly after. She was soon sought out by Kirshenbaum, Bond, and Partners in 2009 for their President and CEO role. She served for several years at KBS (then added Senecal to the company’s name). Reference: salary.

During her time at KBS, Senecal won several awards for her innovative and creative spirit in the advertising industry. She was awarded by the Advertising Women of New York with a Game Changer Award for her leadership skills. She was also given a Jury Chair for the Isaac Awards, a contest that honors invention and innovation. She was even appointed to the Board of MDC Partners, a large, global advertising conglomerate and holding company, in 2014. During this time she was also recognized twice as being an “Advertising Executive to Watch” by Advertising Age.

All of these events led up to her recent appointment as the Global CEO of the Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky Advertising Agency in 2016. She has already made a difference in this role by leading CP+B to being named one of Advertising Age’s creative innovators of the year. Source: forbes.

The marketing and advertising world changes very quickly, and to be successful you have to be ahead of the curve. Thanks to her vast experience and turbulent childhood, Lori Senecal is one of the best innovators and leaders in the industry.

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