How Louis Chenevert’s Principles brought Success to UTC

Louis Chenevert is without doubt among the top league of influential businessmen and entrepreneurs in the world. The French-Canadian entrepreneur obtained a Production Management degree from HEC Montreal. He is recognized worldwide because of his brilliant principles combined with his deep love for technology. Today, many corporations and leaders across the globe embrace Chenevert’s principles and implement his ideas in their businesses to maximize production and influence growth. Chenevert launched his career with General Motors, where he worked for 14 years eventually landing the role of General Manager, Production. From there he worked with UTC’s subsidiary company, Pratt & Whitney, where his excellent performance swayed his appointment as president of the company. Later he got elected CEO and President of UTC.

During his reign at UTC, the company made considerable strides to reach great success. UTC made good innovations, which combined with advanced technology, propelled the company to the very top of the industry. Though Chenevert took the role of CEO during the great recession, he managed to steer UTC out of the storm. Several gig companies failed to recover. One of his most significant achievements at UTC was the $18.4 billion acquisition of Goodrich. When the US Air Force needed an alternate engine, Chenevert delivered through UTC’s Pratt & Whitney. UTC’S share prices rose by 200% when Chenevert was at the helm. He believed the firm’s foundation was its employees and thus, took great care of them. He stationed employees where their skills were applicable. He also started a sponsorship program for all employees undertaking further studies. All sectors of UTC showed outstanding performance during Chenevert’s time at the firm. Employees largely embraced his vision to spend more on modern technology. He believed that with the right technology and dedicated workers, success was in the offing for the company. UTC grew stable and realized unmatched success.

Chenevert stepped down from his leadership role at UTC on the 8th of December 2014. A director at the company has since taken charge. The high standards Louis Chenevert set at UTC still guide operations at the firm. After leaving UTC, Chenevert took a job as Exclusive Advisor to Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division.