How Arthur Becker Became a Real Estate Guru

When it comes to business gurus there are very few names in New York City that will bring more attention and acclaim than Arthur Becker. Arthur Becker is the Managing Partner at Madison Equities and one of the foremost real estate investors in the entire city. Becker’s rise to this position has been focused and almost pre-determined. The reason? Becker knows how to do business and he knows how to work toward his own goals. Let’s take a look at how Arthur Becker went from a stockbroker at Bear Stearns to one of the biggest real estate investors in the entire Big Apple. Check out Ideamensch for more details.

Arthur Becker made his first fortune while working as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns, as we noted above. He had been successfully buying and trading tech companies when he finally landed his big hit. That first fortune turned into the seed money that Becker needed in order to attack his dreams of becoming a bigger actor in the real estate industry. Becker took his first fortune and went straight to Miami and New York in order to explore the markets. Eventually Becker would transition to New York full time but it wasn’t until after a host of other ventures.

Having always worked in and around money, Becker was uniquely fascinated with ancient currency. This led him to investing in ancient currency recovered from Africa including Nigeria and Cameroon. This same fascination would lead Becker to start creating his own line of origami sculptures made out of actual money. These sculptures turned into a hit on Wall Street and you’ll see one in much high profile office. The reason we are relating these stories is simple: Becker had passions and he followed them to great success. This is an important part about being an entrepreneur and succeeding in the realm of business. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

In terms of the real estate industry in New York, Becker got his start as a ‘quiet backer’ for some of the bigger investors in the city. Becker learned the ropes by backing people like Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern as well as the team at Madison Equities. Before long Becker was working for himself and making a name doing so.

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