U.S. Money Reserve boss convenes emergency meeting in Austin, Texas

U.S. Money Reserve head Phillip K. Diehl recently convened an emergency meeting at an undisclosed location, somewhere in Austin, Texas. The meeting revolved around the future of the U.S. economy and what role gold and silver coins can play in providing the average American with a robust hedge against the perils of economic volatility.

Demography is destiny

Leading the conference off, Diehl made a presentation detailing the many current threats that the U.S. economy faces to its continued viability. Among these is the rapidly aging Baby Boomer generation, who has largely failed to save sufficient money for their retirement.

While this is not entirely their fault – the elimination of traditional defined contribution pension plans has proven a major detriment to the average worker – their lack of adequate savings is forcing them to stay in the labor market longer, even as they draw immense benefits from the country’s social welfare systems. Read more: U.S Money Reserve – Built in Austin

Diehl also remarked that their is every reason to believe that the Boomer generation will live well into its 80s, on average. Combined with its members’ unwillingness to exit the labor force, this will create a number of easily identified stresses on the U.S. economy, things that have never before been seen on such a large scale.

The first issue is that the Boomers’ refusal to retire is going to continue displacing younger generations from the workforce for the next 20 years. Because younger people tend to consume vastly more than the cohort aged 70-plus, this is slated to dramatically reduce total per-capita consumption among the U.S. workforce. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-president-philip-diehl-130000375.html and https://www.thestreet.com/story/13961089/1/gold-stays-in-play-as-economic-and-political-uncertainty-persist.html

But this will also take place in the context of the largest population boom in those eligible for Social Security and those using Medicare in the history of those two programs. In short, the Boomers are poised to dramatically reduce total demand, and, therefore, taxable income and transactions, all while simultaneously increasing to unprecedented levels the liabilities of social welfare entitlements.

Diehl says that without a radical and immediate shift in policy, these forces will force the government to sharply increase the money supply, leading to possible hyperinflation in the next decade.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is the leading supplier of gold and silver coins issued by the U.S. Mint. Since 2008, it has been the go-to source for Americans looking to purchase gold as a part of their overall diversification strategy.

Investment Expert Paul Mampilly Finds Huge Success

Investment is a scary word to a lot of people. Most see investment as a tool exclusive to the already successful; a machine designed to make the rich even richer. This perception of investment couldn’t be further from the truth, but even if that were common knowledge, few know where to start.

It’s with this idea that Paul Mampilly, investment expert and Wall-Street veteran, found an incredibly lucrative niche. By creating his research newsletter Profits Unlimited, Mampilly has figured out a way to guide average people to Financial stability by utilizing insider investment knowledge.

Prnewswire.com has published an article on Profit Unlimited’s success, detailing how the newsletter rose to sixty-thousand subscribers at an insanely fast pace. As it turns out, its success is owed in its entirety to the vast knowledge and talent of its founder. Mampilly is no stranger to the tactics employed by investment experts. Having had clients and partners in the form of huge companies like Deutsche Bank, ING, and the Royal Bank of Scotland (whoa!), the advice detailed by the newsletter is founded on decades of real world application.

Paul Mampilly is far from a stranger to success. Just the opposite, actually; Mampilly has led a life defined by it. Mampilly fancies himself a ‘one man idea machine,’ and is certainly a proven investment expert. With over twenty-five years of hands-on experience, Mampilly may as well be the authority on investment. In early 2016, Mampily used a client a demonstration account to generated an enormous 180% profit on a starting amount of only $5000. Furthermore, early on in his Wall-Street Career, Mampilly was recruited as Kinetic International’s hedge fund manager.

Born in India, Mampilly moved to the United States at a young age. Since then, he has acquired a mastery of investment few other people can claim. Mampilly’s life is a long story of successes followed by successes, and with the recent growth of Profits Unlimited, it’s a story that won’t be ending anytime soon.

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Rubica: One of the Fastest Growing Cyber Security Firms in the United

In the last couple of years, cyber-attacks have been on the increase. In the years 2013-2015, the losses due to cyber crimes amounted to $500 billion. Many of Cyber security firms claim that by 2021, the cost of cyber threats would have increased by $6 trillion. These crimes include theft of intellectual property, embezzlements, destruction of data, theft of personal information, and fraud. Everyone is prone to cyber-attacks. In the 2016 US presidential elections, Hillary Clinton was hacked, and her private emails shared publicly. For this reason, there is a need to focus on boosting personal cyber security. During president’s Obama tenure, he set aside $19 billion budget to fund cyber security initiatives. Companies, such as Rubica, Inc., have been at the forefront in trying to combat these injustices.


A closer look at Rubica and its personalized cyber security solutions


Rubica, Inc. is a private company that provides personal cyber security to its clients. This company’s headquarters is in the United States and works with experts from top institutions, such as NSA, Scotland Yard, and US Navy. Rubica has been operational since 2016 and is funded by Upfront Ventures, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Expa Labs, and Slow Ventures. This firm also works in collaboration with some other financial services, including insurance companies, investment groups, and legal institutions.

More about Personal cyber security here : https://finance.yahoo.com/news/microsoft-reveals-two-big-ways-stop-ransomware-attacks-195534139.html


How Arthur Becker Became a Real Estate Guru

When it comes to business gurus there are very few names in New York City that will bring more attention and acclaim than Arthur Becker. Arthur Becker is the Managing Partner at Madison Equities and one of the foremost real estate investors in the entire city. Becker’s rise to this position has been focused and almost pre-determined. The reason? Becker knows how to do business and he knows how to work toward his own goals. Let’s take a look at how Arthur Becker went from a stockbroker at Bear Stearns to one of the biggest real estate investors in the entire Big Apple. Check out Ideamensch for more details.

Arthur Becker made his first fortune while working as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns, as we noted above. He had been successfully buying and trading tech companies when he finally landed his big hit. That first fortune turned into the seed money that Becker needed in order to attack his dreams of becoming a bigger actor in the real estate industry. Becker took his first fortune and went straight to Miami and New York in order to explore the markets. Eventually Becker would transition to New York full time but it wasn’t until after a host of other ventures.

Having always worked in and around money, Becker was uniquely fascinated with ancient currency. This led him to investing in ancient currency recovered from Africa including Nigeria and Cameroon. This same fascination would lead Becker to start creating his own line of origami sculptures made out of actual money. These sculptures turned into a hit on Wall Street and you’ll see one in much high profile office. The reason we are relating these stories is simple: Becker had passions and he followed them to great success. This is an important part about being an entrepreneur and succeeding in the realm of business. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

In terms of the real estate industry in New York, Becker got his start as a ‘quiet backer’ for some of the bigger investors in the city. Becker learned the ropes by backing people like Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern as well as the team at Madison Equities. Before long Becker was working for himself and making a name doing so.

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