David Giertz on the Need to Speak to Clients about Social Security

With over 30 years experience in the financial sector, David L. Giertz recently completed a new video where he urges his colleagues to properly inform their clients about the potential social security pitfalls they might encounter if they are not careful.

David Giertz said that many individuals nearing retirement and those already in retirement have a number of misconceptions about Social Security that could be downright damaging to them and lead to a huge loss in retirement income. Indeed, the days of having pensions and healthy 401 K’s are becoming rarer and rarer, so David Giertz is providing a valuable public service by offering seniors and older workers the needed tips in order to maximize their social security benefits.

Giertz cited a study by Nationwide Retirement Institute that showed 30 percent of retirees are receiving a benefit that is less than they expected. The survey on soundcloud.com discovered that those close to retirement by and large did not understand the process.

Of course, it really is no wonder that so many people do not understand the process. Financial planners on Vimeo have to undergo years of training in order to understand the Social Security Handbook, simply because of the fact that it contains over 2,700 different rules. However, there are a lot of people who realize the need for a solid strategy for Social Security, as four our of five surveyed said they would consider changing advisers if they did not strategize with them about Social Security.

By and large future retirees must plan for income, and that begins with an understanding of Social Security at https://twitter.com/davidgiertz. Giertz said that planning for Social Security benefits should amount to at least 40 percent of all retirement income that seniors and other retirees can expect.

There is no question that Giertz’s track record with helping seniors is impressive. Not only has he pass four important examinations, but he has also served as President of Nationwide Financial Distributors since 2013.

Giertz is also registered with the highly selective FINRA as a broker, so if you are looking to maximize your retirement income, he is definitely the one to talk to.

Traveling Vineyard, The Future Of Wine Tasting

A work at home opportunity that involves wine? That may sound too good to be true, but this dream is a reality!

Traveling Vineyard provides a very unique business opportunity. Becoming a wine guide might seem like a daunting task, but with Traveling Vineyard the process is painless, and even fun. They teach you everything you need to know, from wine varieties (there’s more than you might think!) to proper pairings, and even include marketing materials in your starter kit.

Wine Guides with Traveling Vineyard are tasked with scheduling wine tastings with clients, and sell them wine. Dinner parties with your friends are now a lucrative business opportunity. Guides are also treated to a nice compensation, and receive a discount on their own wine purchases, and those sales even count in your monthly sales total count. Guides love their jobs with the company, and even often describing it as more of a family than a company.

Traveling Vineyard has been around since 2001, and there are over a thousand wine guides putting on tastings around the country now. They offer a variety of wines under the categories of Red, White, and Sweet & Fizzy, and other products like wine glasses, decanters, and chillers.

From the early days in 2001 Traveling Vineyard has aimed to make wine tastings a more personal experience that you can share with friends and family right out of your living room, and they are succeeding in reshaping the way we view wine tasting today. Add to that the wonderful opportunity provided to those seeking work at home positions for something they love, that they can do in their spare time with people they love, and it’s clear that the future of wine tasting is already here.

Copa Star Hospital: A New Concept of Healthcare

Great structures are built when great ideas are materialized and especially when they are planned to benefit the people. Copa Star Hospital is one those ideas which have materialized now. It is in the southern region of Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro near Copacabana Beach. Copa Star Hospital has an amazing structure that gives it the appearance of a five-star hotel. The hospital is equipped with the latest healthcare instruments. It has changed the concept of regular hospitals. Everyone in the healthcare sector is discussing its innovative design and a new approach towards treating the patients. Operation theaters and ICUs are equipped with the latest robotic equipment. Copa Star Hospital’s architecture has visual images that guide patients to reach their rooms and help them to understand the surgical procedures.

Copa Star Hospital is a unique combination of innovative design and latest technology. A problem with regular hospitals is that the patients are unable to understand their system. It is not the case at Copa Star where the architecture itself guides the patients and visitors. Rede D’Or São Luiz at the hospital is the latest center for cardiology and neurology in the world. The doctors and nursing staff look after the patients around the clock. All operation theaters have magnetic resonance imaging technology which enables physicians to view the medical scan of their patients during the surgery. Doctors can send the images to experts in other countries and get a second opinion. Copa Star has introduced the concept of hybrid operation rooms which allows accessibility to instrument for small surgeries Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

The firm that has designed Copa Start Hospital is RAF Architecture, and the genius behind this concept is Roderigo Sambaguy who has a passion for designing comfortable hospitals. RAF Architecture is known for innovative designs of hospitals. The firm used its experience to build Copa Star Hospital and took patient care to a higher level. The strength of the hospital’s structure is increased with the use of Penetron and Crystalline technologies. Besides the amazing outlook, the inside of the hospital is very comfortable and appealing. The rooms of the hospital look like the bedrooms of a five-star hotel. Patients can do many tasks with a few taps on the iPad. They can pull and close the curtains, change the lighting, ask for attention from nurses, and talk to a doctor. A separate passage is made for the movement medical staff and stretchers.

The Sustainability Report of the authority declared that Copa Star has excellent energy usage system. The lightings, air conditioning, heating, medical equipment and water pumping are interconnected to conserve energy. The ventilated facades of the hospital conserve energy and add beauty to the building and surroundings. The cavity inside the facades limits heat gain and expels hot air of the hospital.

Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

Bob Reina’s Work Is Just Starting

When it comes to Bob Reina’s work, it is never truly over. He is always looking out for ways to help people and for ways to make Talk Fusion the best all-in-one video communications platform on the planet. They really work hand-in-hand. It has been discussed since early on actually when Talk Fusion first opened in 2007.

That was the goal and that was the plan for the company laid out by Bob Reina. He had big dreams early on in his life and in his career. When someone has that kind of mindset, it puts it out there for themselves and for the world. It serves as motivation.

According to Biz Journals, that motivation and hard work have most certainly paid off for Talk Fusion and Bob Reina. 2016 was a banner year for the company as they won two awards. It is always great when someone’s peers and people in the industry stand up and take notice of a job well done by a company.

It is not really about the award, but what comes with the award. What comes with the award is respect and people looking at Talk Fusion in an even brighter light if possible with its video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences that are nothing short of incredible.

Even more than his accomplishments in the field, he is stood out for what he has done outside of the job. To Bob Reina, that is what really matters and that is what is really important to him. He wants to make a true difference in the world and do something that matters to other people. One way he does that is by offering 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion to new customer.

If someone is low on money and needs a start, this is the way to go for new customers. He also encourages his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing as well.

Most of all, he made a record-shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This was an amazing thing for him to do, as this is money that is going to really help these animals and the shelter as well.

Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Joao Pessoa is a city that is based in the northeastern part of Brazil, and it is renowned for its beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and hospitality that it offers. One of its primary locations is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, which is a large state-of-the-art shopping place that offers a wide array of products and services. The mall has been striving to ensure that it attracts clients by providing top notch entertainment amenities. The comfort and fun that the place offers have become its trademark.

The entertainment facilities of the shopping mall include a cinema hall. It has 11 theaters that are well equipped. It also has 3D rooms, VIP lounges, and a room that has been set up in a stadium arrangement to offer a wide viewing space. The mall also contains a bar that offers soft drinks, candy, popcorn, and other goodies that the clients may desire to have while watching movies. The property also has an electric amusement park that offers various gaming equipment. It has 200 modern machines and an electronic bowling lane that are in an 1800 square meters room. The shopping place has also established a world-class gym that can be used for leisure. Read more on polemicaparaiba.com

The mall has a concert hall that was created about seven years ago, and it is located on its rooftop. It is known as the Domus Hall, and it is the largest in the entire Joao Pessoa. The place can accommodate about 10,000 people during concerts. It has excellent air conditioning and sound equipment. Customers of the Manaira Shopping can be fully entertained when they are at the mall. The variety of amenities that the place offers has enabled it to develop excellent relationships with the clients who are both residents of the city and tourists. The mall also has a gourmet place that provides a unique environment where people can spend time. It has a steakhouse and a food court, and they both offer delicious cuisine.

Santiago is presently 58 years old. He has been a businessperson since he was a teenager.  Roberto Santiago founded a cartonnage enterprise that was focused in the creation of decorative objects, and it was based in Santa Rosa. The cartoon company was profitable, and it enabled him to gain capital for establishing his shopping malls, which are Maniara Shopping and Madeira Shopping. Robert Santiago studied at Pio X-Marist College and University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Read more articles on portaldolitoralpb.com

Arthur Becker, Leading Tech Industries to Successful Futures

Investing into technology can be an incredibly lucrative option, especially with the advances that technology is making today. But along with these advances, a massive number of products flood the markets, hoping to find an investor to help them get off their feet. The truth is, not every technological advancement is worth investing into, and no one knows this better than Arthur Becker. Arthur has been in the investment game for far too long not to be able to. Arthur is considered a sort of tech guru in the world of business technology and has made numerous investments that have turned out to be multi-million dollar projects.

Through his career, Arthur has founded numerous companies and has led some of the most technologically advanced teams in their business ventures. He has tremendous experience in the field of technology as well as business. Combining those two skillsets, Arthur Becker has managed to help numerous businesses grow into the giants they are today.

According to Bloomberg, currently, Arthur serves as the CEO of Zino. Zino is a company that offers users access to many news and magazine sources from numerous agencies around the world. Currently, the app is available for download on GooglePlay and the AppStore for Android and iOS devices. Each day, users get access to thousands of news articles from around the world. While using the app, users aren’t just limited to handheld devices. The app also has a sharing feature which allows you to read articles on numerous other devices like TVs and tablets.

Another company which has grown significantly under Arthur’s leadership is NaviSite. Before Zino, Arthur was the CEO of NaviSite, a tech company. He also served and advised on the board of directors for the company and was responsible for some of the company’s biggest business ventures. NaviSite had collaborated with some of the tech and IT giants like Oracle and Microsoft when Arthur was serving as the CEO of the company. NaviSite works with numerous companies, of all sizes, offering solutions in cloud computing and website hosting.

Arthur’s experience to lead companies shows in the numerous business ventures he has undertaken and also in the manner he has led his companies to be huge successes in the field. For more info, check out arthurbeckerstudio.com.