The Young, Bold and Ambitious Doe Deere

Most of us know her from her colorful hair and her chromatic makeup, but Doe Deere is not just that. She is a Unicorn Queen and an entrepreneur with an exquisite taste in makeup and accessories. Since she was a child, Doe Deere knew what she wanted to be, a musician and an entrepreneur. At a tender age, Doe Deere together with her childhood friends’ would paint each other faces with colourful makeup. Which was the starting of her ambition and passionate drive in beauty and makeup.

In high school, Doe Deere knew that for her to become an artist she needed to think like one. After conducting a research and realizing the hype that came with tattoos, she started selling temporary tattoos to her fellow students. When most students in her class focused on the opposite sex and parties, Doe was busy making money out of them. A solid lesson that most students should borrow from Doe. Sitting around and relying on parents is not a thing anymore. Students need to strive for excellence at a young age and grow into entrepreneurs at an early age.

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The Unicorn Queen is rebellious and a nonconformist. She stands for freedom to be oneself. She believes that the only person who is in charge of your freedom is yourself. This I reflected from the colors that she wears daily. Doe has always been fascinated by bright colors. These colors, she believes sets one apart from the norm. As much as she was into these bright colors, there was absolutely no company that came up with these makeup.

From her love for colorful lipsticks and makeup, Doe built up Lime Crime Makeup. A company that focuses on vegan and colorful makeup. She did not sit around and wait for some bigwig makeup company to come up with these products. Instead, Doe went right ahead and developed one of the most popular brands in the world.

Lime Crime Makeup avails products of prismatic colors that gives the customers freedom to enjoy themselves and do what they want. She believes that the colors one wears speaks so much about themselves. Bright colors are bold and when worn, they show the world that the wearer is bold and nonconforming and unforgiving. And for that reason, Lime Crime Supporters are called the unicorns.

Doe Deere is not only a beautiful face, but also a brilliant and ambitious entrepreneur. Her journey to the top is incredible and she vows to make great things happen.

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How Jason Hope Contributes To The Medical Field Using His Technological Knowledge And Platform

Jason Hope InvestorJason Hope is an American entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and philanthropist. He was born in Arizona, where he currently resides and grew up in Tempe. He earned an MBA from the Cary School of Business in Arizona State University’s WP.

Jason has inclined his career towards technology and specializes in developing mobile applications, desktop software, and gadgets. Jason has developed a deep involvement in philanthrophy with notable acts in partnerships with foundations such as SENS Foundation, The Leukemia & Lymphoma, and Celebrity Fight Night. He is also a contributor to the Arizona Science Center, Goldwater Institute and tgen, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, True Colors Fund, and the Andre Agassi Foundation.

Jason uses his skills and platform to contribute and create awareness in education, biotechnology, scientific research, and technology. He expressed his views in a published article on the possibility of a more quality life through the interconnection of items using technology. Jason stated that innovation of smart homes, intelligent vehicles, and smart cities that interconnect and communicate with one another would significantly improve the efficiency of everyday life and accuracy of objects that will be sensed and remotely controlled in the setup network infrastructure.

Jason Hope (@jasonhope) explained that consumers who are currently using smartphones and other intelligent gadgets would inevitably demand the development of smart gadgets for the road. For example, a simple innovation such as connecting a smartphone to the heating and A/C unit in a house or a facial recognition system that alerts a receptionist when a visitor returns will prove efficient and worthy in the long run.

Jason Hope’s support of the SENS Foundation stems from situations in his earlier life. He donated $500,000 in support of the organization’s operation. SENS Foundation focuses on developing possible means people can live longer and healthier lives through research using the rejuvenation technology. They spend millions of cash studying the relationship between diseases that cause the body to wear out faster, such as the Alzheimer illness, heart disease, and lung ailments. Their target is to develop drugs that prevent the diseases from developing, instead of developing a medicine that combats an already growing sickness.

Jason provides analysis standards one can use in picking the movement that they can engage in with most passion. He recommends that one should determine what it is they love, the resources that they can aid the organization with and the level of involvement with which they want, either locally or nationally.


The SEC Whistleblower Program Representation Practice

In 2010, there was a Dodd-Frank Wall Street Enactment made by Congress and the Consumer Protection Act. According to sources, this was a complete refurbishment for the United States financial regulation since the 2008 economic crisis. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform, among its any important reforms, established a whistleblower reform program that saw the provision of the new financial incentive and significant employment protection. For individuals to report any possible violations of the whistleblower program, the people were given the task to identify and report any federal security law violation to the Securities Commission for Exchange.


The Labaton Sucharow Law Firm, in response to the regulation, became the first law company in the United States to establish its practice to cater for the whistleblower. This law firm was founded to offer advocating and protection for the Securities and Exchange Commission whistleblowers. While the law firm built on its high-end litigation securities platform, the Practice for Whistleblowers Representation in the law firm leverages an in-house world-class team of forensic accountants, financial analysts, and investigators with the state and the federal law enforcement experience to offer distinguished representation to the Securities and Exchange Commission whistleblowers. The former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jordan A. Thomas, is the leader of the practice. During his period as a servant at the Securities and Exchange Commission, he led to the development of all sectors that constitute the whistleblower representation practice together with the implementation and proposition of the final rules regarding the SEC whistleblower program.


Under the program’s new rules, the Securities and Exchange Commission should pay an eligible whistleblower an amount that does not exceed 30 percent of the sanctions in monetary value collected from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s action for enforcement where the amount exceeds $1 million. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act prohibits any form of retaliation from the company against the whistleblower who reports any possible violation of the Securities and Exchange Whistleblower Program. For most, the whistleblower has the capability to report their cases without revealing their identity if a lawyer represents them.


For more information about the new Securities and Exchange Commission Program for Whistleblowers. You can contact the office directly through their website. The company has an extensive representation program for everyone. For all initial consultations, you are not required to pay. However, you can call or visit their offices to determine the strength of your case.