Eugenia Shea is a Top Shea Butter Brand


The beauty industry is constantly evolving because women are always looking for a new way to take care of their body. Over the last ten years, there has been a significant movement towards natural products that heal your body and make it glow. Several natural products have become incredibly popular over the last few years, but one of the most popular options is Shea butter.


Shea butter is a unique natural product that is mostly found in Africa. The butter is harvested from the nut of the shea tree. This butter is extremely fatty, and it is also packed with vitamin A and other vital nutrients. Shea butter has many wonderful applications. It can heal scars and it can also give your body the moisture it needs. Shea butter is useful in skin care and hair care.


Shea butter is growing in popularity throughout the beauty industry, but many beauty companies are only using a small amount of Shea butter in their products or they are using low-quality Shea Butter. Women throughout the world demand the highest quality Shea butter, and they are turning to top quality companies like Eugenia Shea.


Eugenia Shea is a truly unique Shea butter company. They are completely family owned, and they have used Shea butter for many years. Eugenia Shea knows that quality is critical when it comes to Shea Butter. The company works with farmers throughout west Africa. These farmers work hard to ensure that Eugenia has the best possible products to share with their customers. A large portion of the harvest does not make the cut to be part of Eugenia Shea’s product line. By watching their product line closely, Eugenia has been able to offer the best possible Shea butter. They offer their Shea butter in three different strengths depending on the needs of the consumer. Eugenia Shea’s products are well reviewed throughout the beauty industry and they should stay on top of the industry for years to come.


People need top-quality shea butter to achieve their beauty dreams and Eugenia Shea is here to help. Their product line should relieve women everywhere of unnecessary scars.

Kyle Bass: Part Of The New Establishment?

The New Establishment Summit is a meeting that takes place usually on an annual basis. The goal of the Summit is to bring together industry leaders in realms of, technology, entertainment, finance, media, and anywhere else world-shaping events are taking place. To that end, the Summit always invites high-profile speakers from leading bastions of the international community. This year’s event will see the CEO of Amazon speak, the vice president of Apple say a few words, and billionaire financier Kyle Bass have his moment as well. There are others who will be speaking at the event, but Kyle Bass’ inclusion is very intriguing.

Kyle Bass short-sold against sub-prime loans in 2008 and made a fortune. He was instantly catapulted to international celebrity by the mainstream financial media, and since then has used his platform as a means of announcing investment decisions and advice. Since 2016 he’s been railing against China, even going so far as to predict financial collapse by the end of this year. As of September, this has yet to occur; however Bass has extended his projection to include the next two to three years. According to Bass, their bubble is going to collapse eventually, it’s just a matter of when. Although Useful Stooges doubts that, based on his history.  He’s put his money where his mouth is: currently Bass has a billion dollars tied up investment-wise against Chinese currency.

While this seems like a good thing for the US–that Bass is betting for the American dollar and against China’s option–in reality it portends negative things. If China’s economy implodes, it will affect the US economy; meaning increased dollar value will come at the expense of decreased economy, reflecting an actual loss.

But Bass regularly manages to make money from the losses of big-ticket financial powers. Consider CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which uses petitions and special interest groups to drop stock value on Wall Street so Kyle Bass can short-sell his holdings. This is always done under the penumbra of humanitarianism, but given these stock drops cut R&D budgets from big-ticket pharmaceuticals, that seems a lot more unlikely than the idea Kyle Bass is simply opportunistic.